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Sep 11, 2007 04:37 PM

Seattle dinner with parents from S.Dakota

Scenario: Mild mannered in-laws from the sticks who like seafood, are NOT adventuresome, and totally freak-out when they see the menu prices out here.
We're traveling up from Portland to meet them after they finish their Alaska cruise so we'd like to find a nice, low-key place place that has decent food...preferably a place that doesn't have fish-n-chips on the menu so my dad-in-law won't order it simply because it's the cheapest item on the menu. Oh, and kid-friendly - I have a one year old. (dang...why am I even posting this? After re-reading this even I think I should just go to Red Robin)

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Go to Ray's Cafe, the less expensive option to Ray's Boathouse. Food is ok, great view and prices are affordable. Should be an issue bringing your child either.

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      Ray's Cafe is a decent choice, but it will tempt dad-in-law with fish & chips. If you take him to the main part of Ray's (how shocking will the prices really be, after an Alaska cruise?), he won't be able to get fish & chips unless he pretends he's a kid.

      1. re: BruceB

        I was shocked at the prices of Ray's Boathouse and I eat out a lot (my budget for dining made my financial planner fall out of his chair). Besides it's definitely not kid friendly. Check out the menu at

        Even though it has fish and chips on the menu, I would recommend Chinooks. It will work for everyone. And it's a fun place to eat.

    2. what about Ivar's? At least it's unique to Seattle, and the restaurant on the pier isn't bad, with a nice view

      1. I'm a big fan of Chinook's @ the Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal. (Their grab-and-go fish & chips bar, Little Chinook's, is decent, too.) It's on the water, is a working fishermen's wharf, has reasonable prices, and is always busy--so little kids' shrieks and cries (I mean this in an affectionate way!) blend into the din. Don't let the mass of people waiting at the hostess' station intimidate you, though. The wait staff are all on-task, and I've never waited longer than 15-20 minutes for a table. Plus, big groups don't seem to faze them.