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Sep 11, 2007 04:20 PM

Stuff close to Millennium Bailey's Hotel, 140 Gloucester?


NY chowhound visiting london on business from tues-thurs and then staying on for pleasure fri and sat. I'm thinking I'll want light breakfast (croissant, roll, tea) near the hotel and tues night I'm going to be pretty bleary, so want something close to the hotel for dinner, nothing fancy...maybe indian, thai or pub food... I like everything.

I should be good for the rest of the week as I've read a lot here and we'll be with some people from our company from london.


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  1. That's the area where I always stayed before moving over from NY to London. There used to be a very nice Italian coffee bar right on Gloucester Rd. in the block leading up to the Tube stop.. on the left head side of the street. Their coffee was good! There's a nice Waitrose in the shopping centre at the Tube.. good for basic snacks, breads, cheese etc. You are one block, if that, from Bombay Brasserie. If you're in the mood for 'Indian,' it's right there. Or walk over to Old Brompton Rd.. lots of choices there.