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Sep 11, 2007 04:04 PM

KC: Better Vietnamese- Hien Vuong or Saigon 39?

Hi, I'll be in Kansas City for a business trip on Monday and wanted to grab lunch at a Vietnamese place with some coworkers. I'm looking for the best bowl of pho, but one of my coworkers in vegetarian so that needs to be a consideration as well. Anyone have an opinion on which is better- Hien Vuong or Saigon 39? Both seem to rate well online.

Also does anyone know if either of them have banh mi sandwiches? (Looking to grab a few to take home). Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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  1. Hi. Saigon 39 has been closed for a few months due to an electrical fire. I think the nearby (39th Street just west of Rainbow) Vietnam Cafe is more popular among fans of Vietnamese food.
    But for pho, the best, I believe, is Pho 97 on Independence Ave. just east of Prospect.
    I hope you enjoy your stay in KC!

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      I so agree with Pho 97. Their pho is great! Try the papaya salad with beef jerky as an appetizer. Pho 97 is one of my favorite places. It is a wonderful family run place with terrific pho.
      Vietnam Cafe in Columbus Park, 4th and Missouri (?) across the street from Holy Rosary church has banh mi, so does the new Kim Long Cafe at the Kim Long market at 3rd and Cherry. The new Hueng Vong market, I'm sure I'm misspelling it, has banh mi in bins by the checkout counter.

    2. Probably too late, but excellent banh mi at Vinh Hoa just north of the river in KCMO (1041 Burlington Rd, just north of the River Market). $2.50 for a big sandwich. Bun was also pretty good, although I haven't had pho. Still can't order anything but the bbq pork sandwich!

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        I had just went to Vinh Hoa for pho dac biet and banh mi with the grilled pork. I have to say both were good.The only thing about Vinh Hoa's banh mi, is that the bread is really French baguette like, which is good there, but might be little to hard to eat later in the day or you may need to reheat it. I can't say much for Hein Vuong or Saigon 39,. since I haven't tried it yet. I use to go to Pho 97 for their pho, but I think I like Vinh Hoa's a little bit more, since Pho 97 seems to be a little bit oily and I prefer the parking much more at Vinh Hoa's.