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Sep 11, 2007 03:24 PM

Seattle Box Lunch

I've been using Ingallina's for box lunches for a while now. Good veg/vegan options, great delivery ethic, and in general good meals. But am I missing something great? I have an important meeting coming up and I'm trying to decide between catering and box. Do you know of good box lunch options I should consider? I'd need delivery but I'm just outside the downtown core (Cascade neighborhood).

thanks for your suggestions!


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  1. 3 suggestions: Gretchen's Shoebox, Whole Foods, and Organic to Go (all are easily google-able). I've never used Organic to Go, so can't vouch for it (I guess that makes my suggestion fairly worthless, huh?). Gretchen's is OK. Not mindblowing by any stretch of the imagination, but the have a wide assortment of box lunches, salads, etc.; the food is always ok/consistent; they'll take box lunch orders up until 12 midnight the day before your order is due; and most importantly, they DELIVER WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL (if not a little bit beforehand). I've used 2-3 different box lunch delivery companies. 1 had much better food, but was inconsistent and worse, late for one of my meetings. The other one had more "foodie" food--but my meeting guests were unimpressed. So, I continue to order from the unimaginative but workman-like and ever-dependable Gretchen's. PS: I'm sure Whole Foods is fine; I have a work colleague who always orders from them when she's organizing her working lunches. I just like being able to order on-line from Gretchen's.

    1. Gourmando has good box lunches and you can order online as long as you get your order in the day before. They generally arrive earlier than they say they are going to.

      1. Specialties also does box lunches.

        Agree that Gourmando is awesome as well.

        1. Gretchen's is good and pretty popular for our lunches. Gretchen's does have good veg/vegan options. Our staff generally likes them a little more than Ingalina. Good ontime delivery. You get to choose your sandwiches on their sandwich platters which is nice.

          Organic to Go is even better and just a little more expensive. They have great veg/vegan options. Great vegan thai curry soup. They have excellent delivery and customer service. The breakfast buffet is also great. If it's a big meeting they would be a good choice.

          In your neighborhood you really might want to try Le Fournil. They are excellent and inexpensive but I have never used their delivery. Box lunches include baguette sandwich or quiche or salad, excellent pastry and drink.

          1. Baguette Box (Fremont and Cap Hill) is doing box lunches now-- tasty sandwich with a salad and dessert. They deliver for free with a minimum order.

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              I would definetly opt for that if I could get some truffle fries fresh and hot to go with!