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Sep 11, 2007 03:23 PM

The Pump Energy Food---Why no nutrition facts?

Does anyone else find it strange that the Pump, which touts itself as healthy food oriented, does not post any nutrition facts? I often order from the Pump and while I do believe that ingredient for ingredient, the food is generally low fat and low calorie, I am concerned by the large portions and various combinations of ingredients. I figure, a lot of low calorie food is probably just as bad as just a little high calorie food. I am not advocating that the Pump reduce its portion size, but I would like to know just how many calories are in one of these "servings" so that I can self-regulate.

I actually went to their website, to see if they had any sort of suggestion box or email address for comments, but they don't. In contrast, the Pump-like competitor, Energy Kitchen, is extremely transparant about its nutritionals, posting them right on the website next to each menu item. I'd like the same proof that the Pump's food is really as healthy as it says. If anyone has any suggestions or insights on the calories per serving in the Pump's food please feel free to share! Thanks!

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  1. I'm pretty sure they used to have it on their web site. I know they put out a book with their recipes, and those have the calorie/fat/protein counts. Might be worth checking it out at the library.

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      I know for a fact that they used to post it. However, I have heard from PR circles that since the legal "rules" of posting nutrition info has changed. Therefore, unfortunately some companies have decided to "opt out" of providing nutritional info. I don't like it at all!

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        Just a follow-up, as this thread came up when I was looking for the same thing. Their nutritional info is listed here: