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Anyone know really good sush in the E.V?

Im looking for small, fun, trendy.....not commercial not outrageously priced (i know sushi is somewhat expensive)...even romantic.
Sushi has to be GREAT....im so picky. Needs to have sake or at least byob. HELP!

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  1. 15 East is brand new, supposed to be great (although kind of pricey). Jewel Bako is also E. Vill and good. On the LES I've heard very good things about Cube 63, which is BYOB...i don't think 15 East is and Jewel def is not

    1. Esashi on Ave A between 2nd and 3rd. No innovation or fancy decor, but consistently good quality fish.

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        That's my favorite neighborhood sushi place. They're very consistent and I love their futomaki roll.

      2. Without a doubt Kanoyama.

        1. Takahashi on Ave A is excellent. cooked foods are delicious too as well as great sushi. enjoy fb

          1. Definitely check out Esashi and Kanoyama.

            Kanoyama, especially, if you take a look at their daily fish specials.

            There's also Ebisu (a hidden gem) and Le Miu (two chefs there are ex-Nobu).

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              I agree with Esashi and Kanoyama, and will add Hasaki to the list.

              While Le Miu is great, I won't go there for their sushi. Ebisu's quality is also quite inconsistent and not somewhere I go for sushi (other dishes are safer bets)

              LAN currently has a sushi tasting which includes both sushi, sashimi, and cooked dishes. I think it is quite good.

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                One caveat on Esashi (which I agree is great in terms of fish quality) is that it has zero atmosphere. It's just your typical sushi spot with bad lighting and uncomfortable chairs. Cube 63, the byo place on Clinton, has decent quality fish AND at least a hip (if not romantic) atmosphere. Plus it's byo, which means you can drink more for less, which always spells romance in my book....

            2. Hama sushi on 9th st bet. 2nd and 3rd.
              Been there forever, a classic.......

              1. Ushiwamaryu got a good review from Bruni. I've been meaning to go for the omakase.

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                  Ushiwakamaru is on W Houston, not EV. The omakase is indeed excellent.

                  1. It's on the LES, not the EV, but I've found Sachiko's to be very good, with a nice atmosphere. Sometimes Sachiko is floating around, a gracious Japanese lady. The sushi is quite good, as are the cooked dishes.

                    1. My coworker keeps on telling me about Ginger. She raves about it.


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                        The best thing I can say about Ginger is that it is inexpensive but the sushi is no better than the pre-made sushi you get at Whole Foods.

                        1. really good sushi and trendy dont really go together but id go with ebisu for yr needs.

                          1. Cube63 is a great, inexpensive (also BYOB) sushi spot just off houston on clinton (technically it's on the lower east side but it's reallly worth it). It's tiny but the food is fantastic and the design is really sleek without being showy.