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Sep 11, 2007 03:10 PM

quick pre-theater diner?

I need help with a Surprise trip I'm planning for my wife (for our anniversary). we arrive at Sea- 4:14 pm, will check in to Hotel 1000. then have a 7:30 show at the Paramount. I originally made a reservation at Union, but being that we eat mostly vegetarian and fish (no shell fish) and they were going to prepare something for us, I move it to the next day, so we would not be rushed.
I have no idea in terms of travel time of the speed of the restaurants.

while I'm at it, I could also use a good place for Friday night, casual with great food- fresh fish, sushi, or eclectic vegetarian.
thanks for the help.

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  1. I am certain you’ll get a number of suggestions for seafood restaurants near the theatre, Shuckers comes to mind, and it is located in the same building as the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Consider The Fish Club while you’re here. While it doesn’t get mentioned much, I have had some great meals there; interesting tasty dishes, beautifully presented. Their prix-fixe lunch is a little known, three course bargain and the way they cook fish/seafood has always been perfect. I have not been there for dinner yet but will when I have a chance. Check out their menu on-line. Have a nice anniversary evening.

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      I like Tango - a tapas place on Cap Hill. They're up the road from the Paramount and are very responsive to the theatre crowd. Lots of variety and delicious little plates. They have ful entrees too, but i always go tapas b/c they are so damn good.

    2. Your best bet for sushi and (cooked) fish within a few blocks of the theatre might be Red Fin (in Hotel Max). If you have plenty of time and willing to drive or taxi, Nishino for sushi (owner/chef used to be at Matsuhisa which you probably are familiar with since you are from LA area i presume)

      1. I assume you are flying in to Seattle (given the 4:14 arrival). Let's assume the flight is on time, and that you have checked bags. By the time you get your bags and a cab, you're going to get to Hotel 1000 around 5:15. You check in, drop your bags and head to dinner. That leaves you only about an hour and a half for dinner - you were wise to move Union to the next night. It would be a shame to rush that. The Tango suggestion is great. I didn't like Red Fin the one time I was there (also before a show at the Paramount) so I can't recommend that.

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          i agree, the sushi at Red Fin can be hit-or-miss, but the mushroom dumpling and black cod are pretty decent, and the location is convenient.

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            First, Barleywino, why do you think I'm from LA? Interesting, But I am from Scottsdale,Az. I do spend alot of time in LA though:) How does Nishino compare to my favorite sushi place- shushi Zo in culiver city? (in case you've been there?)

            Tango seems perfect. it around the corner from the theater, and they seem to have a fair amount of veggie options.

            As for Red fin, I do Love good Black cod, and mushrooms have a spot near and dear to my heart.

            so with Tango, probably Matt's for lunch, Union, and for my last night, either Nishino, Red Fin or another fish place? I don't mind traveling.

            1. re: Goofy Yno

              just guessing from seeing your posts to the LA board...have not been to sushi Zo yet...between Red Fin and Nishino, Nishino for sure (be sure to get some seared o-toro w/ garlic (not chu toro or negi toro), and fried aji bone with your aji tataki, and of course some of their classics if you haven't had them already at Matsuhisa or Nobu, like the new-style sashimi, sashimi salad (1/2 portion is plenty for a taste), black cod or rock shrimp tempura, etc)

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                Sushi Zo is more traditional than Nishino's. Something like Zo might be Kisaku.