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Sep 11, 2007 03:08 PM

Caramelized onions in Crock-Pot?

I know that this is probably the easiest thing in the world but I've never used my crockpot. How to do this with a minimum of fat?


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  1. Try searching for this. I recall a post a while ago about caramelized onions and someone mentioned using their crock pot. If I had to guess i would say just throw them in their with a little butter and let it go on a low setting. I caramelize onions, when I am not using the oven, by letting a bunch on chopped onions cook down with butter on my smallest burner, turned to its lowest setting and in my heaviest dutch oven. It takes a few hours but the smell is great and requires very little attention

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        ah - so helpful! Thanks guys (or, rather, guy and gal)

      2. I use equal parts of a good olive and butter, salt and a bit of seasoning powder. Low for at least 18 hours. Yummy with French Onion soup or on hot dogs.