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Peter Luger.........

Headed to NYC for 4 nights in December. I have been there over 35 times but I have never been to PL. I have been to Sparks three times and Keen's once. We were considering Del Posto the first night but now I'm thinking about PL's becaused of recent publicity. Is that a wise choice. It will be 10 of us from Mississippi and we all love steaks. My wife actually cooks the best steak I ever had and she does it on a gas grill outdoors.

I can't find a menu. Do they have lobster or other seafood. Thanks for your kind help.

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    1. Menupages.com. I don't know how current it is but it will give you a rough idea of pricing.

      1. If you all love steak, you can't go wrong with Peter Luger. Someone else will have to chime in on the seafood issue beacuse I've never looked at the menu in there. I only go for the porterhouse. Del Posto is great too, and obviously a very different experience. If your wife makes the best steaks, why not choose Del Posto?

        1. it's a destination for usda prime porterhouse steaks. be sure to snag a reservation or else face disappointment. cash only unless you have the house charge card.

          here's a link to a menu. i don't think the food has changed.


          1. I think PL has a fish option and an alternative meat option (maybe lamb), but their signature is the porterhouse. If you are truly steak lovers, I can't imagine why you wouldn't try it... remember, it's cash only.

            1. yes, they have lobster & salmon. (with butter & bread crumbs.)

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                It's been a while, but I don't think that the classic Peter Luger's in Williamsburgh has Lobster, although they do have a passable salmon. The one in Great Neck has lobster, but it doesn't quite have the original's atmosphere, and it quite a long distance from Manhattan.

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                    did i imagine this 2 lb. lobster smothered in butter & bread crumbs??....and the next morning must have been a dream... eating a cold claw in my pj's.

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                      Not if you were in Great Neck, but you would have had to imagine that you were in Brooklyn.

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                        i was in Great Neck. And no hallucinagenics were involved. i swear.

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                      We were there in July (the Brooklyn location), and there was definitely lobster available (my son had it). I seem to recall reading/hearing that they added it to the menu to offset the beef shortage they've been experiencing. Also have added onion rings to their repertoire. Don't know if they still serve the lobster in Brooklyn, but it was definitely available this summer.

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                          If you want lobster in a steak house, try Palm.

                  2. Peter Luger is worth the hype. But don't expect a romantic atmosphere; you could perform surgery at the table, it's so bright. But fabulous porterhouse steaks served by German waiters with serious 'tude. Be sure to book now. It took us 3 months to get a table and they only accept cash or Peter Luger credit cards. Enjoy, it will be memorable.

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                      From the WSJ: http://online.wsj.com/public/article_...

                      A friend once ordered salmon--the waiter gave her unmitigated s**t. You can get shrimp cocktail, but I would order the bacon!

                    2. Peter Luger is about New york -the patrons, the ever patient waiters(yeah,right!),the dark rye bread, the creamed spinich,german fried potatoes,tomato and onion for the table,the porterhouse is the drawing card and rightly so - but the stories you will, embelish and talk to friends about back home will be worth the effort to get there(take a cab from your hotel and let the doorman talk the cabbie into taking you - remember it's under the Williamsburg bridge) - Lugers will call a cab to get you back-I'll bet your wife will love the whole night-her steak is totally different - you cant get a gas grill hot enough to make their steak --when leaving(if you have leftovers) take the leftovers,ask the waiter to put the steak into a doggie bag for you-if you also want some of their bread,ask him to put some bread in the bag too - just tell him your dog only eats sandwiches!! -- have fun - bring cash,tip 20-30 percent if you want to walk out alive!! Enjoy -- go Rebels!

                      1. Peter Luger is a great choice for your large group of steak lovers. Almost everyone agrees it is the best steak in the country.

                        If you want to go, I would strongly suggest calling and reserving ASAP... like today! A 3-4 month wait for reservations is common around Christmastime, and all through the month of December.

                        If you are planning another festive night out, Del Posto is terrific. Extraordinary food, dramatic setting, great wine and service. Again, reserve now for December. These places really do book up.

                        1. Just want to chime in and say that I agree with the other posters that PL is definitely worth your time and your money, if for no other reason than to finally experience the place. Peter Luger's has been around for quite some time and has long been considered by many to be the pre-eminent steakhouse in New York City. If you follow these boards you know that PL inspires comments, passion and controversy. Many agree that PL has the best steak anywhere, many disagree. Isn't it worth your while to splurge on a steak dinner and find out for yourself?

                          Regarding lobster, my wife and I have been going to PL (the Brooklyn location) for more than 25 years, and we've never seen lobster on the menu. As another poster suggested, perhaps they've added lobster recently because of the prime steak shortage, but on our last visit in May there was no lobster to be had.

                          If you Google "Peter Luger Menu" you'll get several hits that will bring up a sample menu with prices. I think the prices are current, or pretty close to current.

                          Whatever you decide, here's wishing you a great trip in December...

                          1. Their signature dish is porterhouse, they are having trouble getting it so you must have a reservation. I would not waste one of 4 nights at PL without the porterhouse, Rib eye does not cut it and is available at most better places and even franchises.

                            I would also say that in the past there were just a few good but expensive steakhouses and one good but less expensive steak house, PL. Today there are many fine establishments and you can buy aged steaks at the larger supermarkets. I personally would suggest Kean's.

                            I would also suggest you avoid steakhouses and go with ethnic, Caribbean, South Asian, Jewish or whatever. You can get high quality steak in the Midwest. Why not save the steak diner for Denver or Omaha or even Chicago.

                            Sugar Cane on Flatbush in Brooklyn is my recommendation for an upscale Caribbean.

                            Start in Chinatown Manhattan, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Pass by Jacques Torres chocolates in Brooklyn, return to Chinatown for diner via the Manhattan bridge.

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                              Check out the Rasputin posts too.

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                                I really agree with you. Great steak can be had in many places, and if the lady of the house already prepares it so well, why travel to the food capital of the world to have steak, albeit it, great steak?. The PL "Experience" is not particularly enjoyable and everyone who has been there knows it. You are so right. There are countless, wonderful ethnic restaurants here. Why come here for more steak when you can try so many other types of cuisines not readily available in the OP home state of Mississippi?

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                                  I am a born and raised Luger fan but agree with Tay... why bother? You will no doubt be able to appreciate the steak's quality but will that offset the distance travelled, the use of one of your only 4 nights in NYC (a place with hundreds of good restaurants with things you cant get at home), the inconvenience of "cash only" (unless you've managed to get a Luger card), trying to wrangle a reservation for 10 people and reservations for enough porterhouse steaks, and having some of your party eat less than notable menu items? (hint: rhetorical question). Have a great time in NYC and, if you must have great meat here, go back to Keens for the mutton chops. Or to Katz' for pastrami.