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Sep 11, 2007 01:48 PM

Quick Seattle trip in Oct.

So happy to be coming back; we were just there in August & enjoyed Matt's, Salumi, Le Pichet, & many specialties from Pike Place Market.

Question: how is the restaurant at Alexis hotel?

Should we try Etta's? The Pink Door?

And where is the best coffee in the vicinity?

Thanks, hounds, you made our last visit full of good eats.

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  1. I would get out of the downtown area and take a cab to one of the neighborhoods for dinner. Try Crow or Betty in Queen Anne, Volterra in Ballard or La Spiga on Capitol Hill. In my opinion, th best coffee can be found at either Cafe Vita or Victrola on Capitol Hill or Cafe Umbria in Pioneer Square.

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    1. re: amyh18

      Volterra looks interesting, and we will be going to Ballard anyway. How do you like their brunch?

      I searched the board for comments on Ray's Boathouse, which I have not been to in many years, & see a mixed response. Would you recommend Volterra over Ray's?

      1. re: Babette

        I would definitely recommend Volterra over Ray's for food, but, I still think Ray's food is good, just not outstanding, but the *view* is worth it.

        So, in short:
        Just food? Volterra.
        Food and View? Rays.

        If you're in Ballard on Sunday, Volterra is perfect. You can walk through the farmer's market, go have brunch, and go back through the market and get some chocolate cookies from Rococoa. =)

        1. re: jaydeflix

          Also stop by Cupcake Royale while in Ballard. =)

          I might be alone on that one, but to me no Ballard trip is complete without stopping by CR.

          1. re: koggit

            I find CR to be too sugar sweet and airy for my taste. Next time stop by the Wallingford Center and try the Cupcakes at Trophy. They are less sweet and have more pronounced flavor.

    2. Do the Pink Door for lunch if the weather is decent. The food is good, but the view is to die for.