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New to the Brentwood Area

I just moved to the Brentwood area (Barrington and Wilshire) and wanted to know of some good restraunts (any type of food is great, im adventurous) in the area. Anything that is quality and doesnt cost you half a months pay check would be appreciated as well.

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  1. The Fish Grill has a location on Wilshire, between Barrington & Bundy (about a block east of Bundy?):

    A short car hop to San Vicente Blvd.'s many Italian spots where the best food quality for the $$$'s probably is:

    Pizzicotto (small, so call ahead).
    11758 San Vicente Blvd., Brentwood
    (310) 442-7188

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      I second the rec for Pizzicotto -- the owner/hostess is very warm and gracious and I think that permeates the entire restaurant. A real nice neighborhood Italian place.

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        Agree with Pizzicotto. Don't eat out for Italian much, but this is a good one. Any more info on Fish Grill? Looking for seafood places to supplement Malibu Seafood.

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          it gets decent reviews on 'yelp.' i know they're not hounds, but it's a start, right? :)


          fyi, all their locations are kosher so they don't serve shellfish.


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          Saketini has some great lunch specials under $10 bucks...

          and open 7 days a week...

          1. In the general area there's:
            Amandine (pastries and sandwiches, etc) on Wilshire, west of Bundy. Even further west on Wilshire in Santa Monica is Musha (Izakaya).
            Orris (Japanese fusion) and Kiriko (sushi) on Sawtelle
            Nanbankan (yakitori) and Monte Alban (Oaxacan (sp?) on Santa Monica Blvd.
            Apple Pan (burgers) on Pico

            1. I'm going to get booed for saying this, but the nachos at Cabo Cantina are great if you can manage to stomach the atmosphere...which I always can for good nachos!

              In addition to the places people have mentioned, you're also very close to Monte Alban in West LA for Oaxacan and Echigo for their cheap sushi lunch special.

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                Enthusiastically second Monte Alban; try the barbacoa, which is truly an amazing dish. And in the same corner strip mall -- Santa Monica Blvd., between Barrington and Bundy -- try the taco place, which is also excellent and inexpensive.

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                  And if you're talking about sushi lunch specials, I would also recommend finding your way to Sawtelle for Kiriko's lunch omakase.

                  But for me, when I want cheap eats in that area, I think of Ramenya on Olympic.

                  11301 W Olympic Blvd Ste 102, Los Angeles, CA 90064

                  11555 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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                    ooh, how could i forget? speaking of sushi, gotta try nagao at 26th & san vicente. great fish, terrific salads, and not too pricey.

                    13050 San Vicente Blvd Ste 110, Los Angeles, CA 90049

                2. welcome to the 'hood!

                  some places that haven't been mentioned yet:

                  coral tree cafe
                  a votre sante
                  bandera [right at your intersection]
                  barney's gourmet hamburgers
                  salad bar at our local whole foods market is excellent [as is the s.m. one at wilshire & 23rd]
                  i've also heard that the new grill service at the s.m. whole foods does a good made-to-order burger

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                    I really liked the food I had at Coral Tree, and it's a nice environment.

                    A Votre Sante is a good concept, but be warned that the menu is heavily geared towards crunchy macrobiotic types, and the only cheeses they offer are feta and soy. In other words, it's the kind of food that people from the midwest believe is served at every restaurant in L.A.

                    1. re: nick_r

                      they still do some nice 'regular' food, though. great salmon, salads, omelettes...

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                      second the rec for a votre sante. love the place. whole foods too.

                      amandine is a great bakery on wilshire.

                      snug harbor as well as bread and porridge for breakfasts

                      chocolatt on wilshire just east of bundy (okay this is just an indulgence :-)

                    3. - vincenti for delicious mid/high brow italian
                      - palmeri for power lunches (i have never dined here for dinner)

                      1. I like VIP Harbor in the strip mall at the intersection of Wilshire and Barrington.

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                          i've been wondering about that place, i pass it all the time.

                          what do you usually order/recommend there?

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                            Confession: I get dim sum there because I never make it to the SGV and it's MUCH better than a lot of places in Chinatown! For dinner, they have very good lobster and crab specials.

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                              i promise i won't tell :)

                              i can't do dim sum because of the gluen issue :( but 'll definitely check out the specials for dinner sometime. thanks for the tip!

                        2. I "second" all the suggestions that you have received here and add Dante's on Wilshire, just a couple of doors west of Westgate, north side of the street. Also, i think it's called Vito's pizza on the south side of the street.

                          1. i worry about much of this advice, splittle. had i gotten it i'd moved out of the area.

                            pizzicotto only fair italian.
                            a votre sant: typical food that people (from all over the world, not just the midwest) call health food. it is very bland and doesn't taste like homemade food, which can be the real health food. or meditteranean. in other words i avoid it like the plague.

                            VIP suggestion a good one. Whole Foods fine for a salad lunch but nothing to praise.

                            monte alban is worthy. jiraffe? time to explore...

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                              I worry a little too, but my concern is with Coral Tree, everything I've had there has been fair at best.
                              Pizzicotto is not the single most amazing Italian, but it's a nice value and it is perfectly good.
                              Vincentis is excellent for upscale Tuscan, but it's pricey.

                              Monte Alban is great.
                              Changs is excellent for westside Chinese food
                              Frankie and Johnnies is a local chain, not bad for delivery pizza if you're lazy like I am.
                              Susiecakes is a good bakery for your overly sweet desires. It's all Very sugary, but the whoopie pies are pretty much perfect.
                              Amandine on Wilshire has the best croissants. They also do great french toast and yummy cakes.
                              Lazy Daisy cafe is a decent breakfast spot that should be practically next door to you.
                              And... well, I'm blanking on more...

                              It's a nice 'hood though, welcome!

                            2. Divino
                              11714 Barrington Ct
                              Brentwood, CA 90049

                              cozy italian food.. i love it!

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                              1. re: Jaybay

                                cozy? i stormed out of there after being cheated and being treated poorly by the staff. and i'm not one to complain about service (about food, yes).

                                1. re: epop

                                  geez, i am so sorry that happened to you, gosh.. i had such a completely different experience there. I got kisses on both cheeks.

                                  They do have a nice homemade ravioli, but that doesn't make up for the fact that you were cheated and beat up by the staff.

                                  1. re: Jaybay

                                    yes it was very IRS. my sister also enjoyed the place on her visit but
                                    i can't imagine why, based on my experience. she doesn't know food as well as i do though.

                                  2. re: epop

                                    I rarely have complaints about rude waitstaff, but most arise from Divino's. The Brentwood moms seem to love it there, but I think the food is just okay.

                                2. Belwood Bakery, in the same mini-mall as the Brent-Air Pharmacy (on the corner), has very nice pastries and good sandwiches, at reasonable prices. I adore the pastry with apricots. Parking is a nightmare.

                                  11625 Barrington Ct
                                  Los Angeles, CA 90049
                                  (310) 471-6855