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Sep 11, 2007 01:04 PM

Where to stay & eat in Asheville, NC?

In 2 weeks I'm going to Boone, then Asheville for a few days. Since I've never been there can people tell me a cheap place to stay....and good places to eat (not expenive). Also, are there any Asian restaurants (they can be holes-in-walls)?

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  1. Are you looking for suggestions for Boone and Asheville or just Asheville?
    As far as places to stay, this isn't the right forum so you should go to or Not expensive places to eat: Salsa's , Tomato Cucina Latina, Nona Mia...there are several buffets if that does the trick for you. By Asian do you mean Thai, Chinese or Japanese?

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      I think I would only need places to eat in Asheville. Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese is my order of preference but beggers can't be choosers. Hopefully, they'll be open on Monday because Sunday I'll be at the Flat Rock Fest.

      1. re: crn

        We have a slew of sushi places both downtown and around town so if you are looking for Japanese that wouldn't be hard to find. As far as cheaper, you may be better off going to Asiana Buffet, though I don't like buffets in general for variety and price you can't beat it. There are 2 locations - it is generally thought that the Hendersonville Rd location is better.
        Thai Noi is your best/cheapest bet for Thai. They are on Merrimon Ave - I'm pretty sure they are open on Mondays but you should call - 828-251-1960.

        1. re: leahinsc

          Thank You!! I live on the outskirts of New york, in NJ & I was hoping there would be my kind of food there....I didn't know what to expect.

          1. re: crn

            ASheville is unique among Southern cities, at least of this size, with the number and variety of unique, independent restaurants in and around town, many of which have been written up in foodie type magazines and on blogs - like this one!

          2. re: leahinsc

            i 2nd the noi's thai rec (once they know you like it spicy, they'll remember you). the buffet, not so much.

            i also like the noodle shop, which is probably a little more "authentic" chinese, and doc chey's, which is somewhat americanized pan-asian. both are on biltmore downtown.

            oriental pavilion is pretty good, although i only do take-out as the service is poor. it's in westgate.

            i've had a recent string of luck at heiwa shokudo, but that's been mainly for sushi. friends get other things there and say it's good. one complaint i have is that vegetables are often left too big for eating with chopsticks. on broadway/lexington (i never remember which).

            no korean or vietnamese in town that i'm aware of.

            leah, what do you like at nona mia? i like the pizza, which is quite good, albeit a different incarnation for asheville. however, i've found the pasta dishes to be extremely inconsistent at best, nearly inedible on occasion and never crossing the threshold into good. the eggplant parm has been pretty good.

            1. re: mark

              Heiwa Shokudo is on Lexington, sort of behind the civic center.

        2. re: leahinsc

          In Asheville: Tupelo Honey Cafe for breakfast, and if you like BBQ, there's a little place called Rabbit's -- ask a local where to find it. One of the most genuine southern dining experiences I've ever had

          1. re: charlesbois

            is rabbit's still open? every time I drive by it looks closed.

        3. Thank you all for replying.....this info will make my visit more enjoyable!

          1. Salsa's (carribean) is the most original restaurant in town and well worth the wait. It's right downtown by Pack Square and the Obelisk. Two doors up is the Noodle Shop, which I love and have word from a Bronx born-and-bred that it is excellent and authentic. The Laughing Seed is a standout; it's all-vegetarian menu will make you re-think what can be done without meat. Thai Basil in the Grove Arcade is excellent Thai. And Tomato (El Salvadoran food) is a few miles from downtown on Patton Ave, but definitely worth it. All of these restaurants are on either side of the $10 range for lunch or dinner. Up Merrimon Ave is Circle in the Square for traditional pizza, or Asheville Pizza & Brewing Co. for unique twists on pizza and plenty of local microbrews, plus a $2 movie theater.

            Stay at the Renaisance downtown to be able to walk everywhere, or the Crowne Plaza across the river for cheaper rates. Asheville has dozens of B&Bs for varying prices as well.

            1. Thai Noi (as Leah mentioned) is the best Thai in Ashville. (See my other reply on your new Boone thread)

              For lodging in Asheville check out the bidding for travel forum (link below) for a discussion on recent accepted bids from Priceline. I have gotten 3 star hotels in Asheville for as low as $49.00.


              1. Absolutely, go to Tupelo Honey for breakfast in Asheville. It can be crowded but it is well worth the wait.