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Sep 11, 2007 01:03 PM


I just noticed this new fast food "healthy california tex mex burrito" place in the Commerce Court food court. It is in the spot where the previous mexican fast food take-out had been.
Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Tried it for lunch today, actually. Had a chicken burrito with the chipotle and roasted tomato salsa (which is supposed to be the "hottest" salsa). The chicken was good, grilled right there and had the corresponding flavour, but I found everything else (comes with sour cream, beans, cheese and rice) really really bland. I couldn't even taste the cheese or salsa! I might try again with the guac, but I won't be running back.

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    1. re: Minnow

      Thanks - doesn't sound good...I am not a fan of bland.

      1. re: Minnow

        I disagree completely. The food was outstanding, fresh, made right in front of me, and healthy. I had the barbacoa burrito with black beans and the tomatillo salsa. I'm hooked!

        1. re: foodserviceprofessional

          I didn't disagree with any of that. I just said it was bland.

      2. Doesn't really count as a review, but we stood in line to get a burrito and got an eyeful of the overcooked chicken and shrimp and the soggy rice in the steam table. It was enough to make us bolt.

        1. These are very small and forgettable burritos. Plus I hate places that yell across the food court thinking everyone is their next customer. This also applies to Wendy's @ Scotia Plaza and Booster Juice @ Exchange Tower.

          1. Had a late lunch today and decided to give Z-teca a try when there was no line. I'm not a burrito fan and wanted something lite, so I ordered vegetarian tacos. Tacos are soft, not hard shell. The servers seem a little unaccustomed to filling the smaller size tortilla wrap and put too much of the first few ingredients in..which included beans, corn, guac, sc, lettuce, pico de gallo, and cheese. So needless to say, they didn't actually wrap it, they sort of closed the foil around it. I was a little dismayed to get to my desk and find out that I really needed a bowl and a fork and a giant bib.....and a lot of privacy to wrestle through it. However, I managed to eat most of it - what I didn't lose. Overall, flavour was fantastic. I loved it. My only problem was the poor wrap and the pico de gallo. The pg salsa is too chunky and dry to dip the tortilla chips that accompany the taco dish, and I don't really want to eat big chunks of raw onion for lunch - but that's just me.

            I'll definitely make a return visit and hope the servers get a little better at presentation.
            If they make the

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              Soft tacos are not supposed to be wrapped to look like mini burritos. They are just folded as if like hard tacos.

              1. re: deelicious

                Good to know and such a fast reply. I take that back and I'll definitely ask for a fork next time. I mean, how do you eat something like that? It is so soft and everything is falling out all over. Do I specify less ingredients to make it manageable? or just suck it up ...literally?

                1. re: dinin and dishin

                  lol suck it up!

                  Who knows, it may have been over-filled. A knife and fork was never necessary at any taco stand I've been to. Over course they can be messy and require some shovelling.

                  1. re: deelicious

                    Heh D.
                    I sucked up another taco order today. :)
                    With my expectations properly set (thanks to you), I found it much easier to attack the little beasts. I grabbed a fork to help with the fallout. And they were just as tasty as the last time. Now a fav lunch stop. Who knows, maybe someday I'll be ready to eat these in public.

                    1. re: dinin and dishin

                      I tried the steak burrito when they first opened... the rest of the toppings are kinda bland, but the steak was pretty flavourful and tender.. better than Freshwest Grill's steak.

                      1. re: dinin and dishin

                        Thanks for the laugh! I find the burritos much easier to eat than the tacos. Tried the steak with the hot salsa today. It was, in a word, excellent. The lineups are still kinda long though, today it went down to the pharma plus.

                        1. re: foodserviceprofessional

                          You're welcome fsp. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I went just after 11:30 to beat the rush and the wait was only a couple of minutes. I was looking at the burritos today, but they looked kinda rude. So big and cylindrical. If I can't manage a little taco, I can't imagine what a disaster one of those giants would bring.
                          Also...note to self...if you eat at your desk, throw the extra onions and wrappings etc. into a garbage can that is very far away from your desk....maybe in or near the cube of someone who torments you daily. (just thinkin').

              2. Did anyone notice they are putting a new bakery in next to the entrance to Soul of the Vine? Petit Fours. Know anything about it?