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BYOB restaurants

Hi out there-
Can someone please tell me where are the BYOB restaurants in LA are? I was so spoiled by Chicago which had all these great BYOB places which charged either no corkage fee or very small (less than $5). Please help! I love eating & hate paying $40 for a bottle of wine! I know of one in Echo Park (Elf Cafe) which charges $5. Any more?
Much appreciated

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  1. it's been almost 2 years since i lived there, but cafe bizou was always reliable($2 corkage and decent food). and they have(had?) 3 locations: pasadena, sherman oaks & santa monica.

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      fritto misto in santa monica, 1.50 corkage

    2. It's been a while since I've been, but Cobras & Matadors (Beverly) is or used to be BYOB. I was recently at Larkin's in Eagle Rock and noticed a lot of BYOB action as well.

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        i think c&m is only byob for what you buy at their shop next door, or at least that's the way it used to be...i'd call first!

      2. i would say 99% of restaruants do BYO. corkage charge and policy may vary from $0 to $30 and some may not allowed you to bring what is on their wine list but...
        here are some that do not BYO

        fioretta trattoria
        giorgio baldi - pac
        la botte - santa monica
        polo club - beverly hills hotel ($50)
        sushi nozawa
        the ivy

        1. Here is a very extensive and semi recent post with lots of options.


          You can also search Corkage and get more posts

          1. All of the restaurants in the Patina Group (with the exception of Patina itself) offer free corkage.

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              Meaning any place whose first name is Pinot, as in Bistro, Provence, or Cafe Pinot in downtown LA, etc.
              Reliably decent food, and the byob feature makes it more palatable economically.

            2. I believe there's no corkage fee at Puran's (locations on LaBrea and Hillhurst).

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                  This place looks interesting, what are your recs for food? Have you ever done the chef's menu?

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                    Never done the chef's menu, but I love the food that I've tried off the menu. All of the handmade pastas are excellent. We usually go at breakfast/brunch and I get the Italian breakfast plate and one other thing on the side. Their salads are also very good. They also do specials, so make sure you either check out the specials board or ask the chef or your server. They have a neat table-side presentation where the chef de-bones the branzino, and that has always seemed interesting to me but I haven't tried it yet.

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                      Thanks! I will have to try it out next time we are near by.

                2. Il Tiramisu in Sherman Oaks is like around $5.
                  Follow your Heart cafe in Canoga Park is free
                  Rahel Veggie Ethiopian in Little Ethiopia is free.

                  1. Emporium Thai has very reasonable corkage.

                    Yamakase has none.

                    1. There's a decent list on the site for Rosso wine shop. There is also a site called gobyo or gobyob.