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Sep 11, 2007 12:17 PM

Do it yourself Donuts?

A few years ago, I think I remember reading about a donut shop where kids could either decorate their own donuts, or maybe it was pick a frosting and a type of sprinkles? Does this ring a bell? Anyone know of it, I think it was in the Valley.


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  1. I think you're referring to a place called "Baby Donuts". It was located in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd. near Noble, in the shopping center with Starbucks, Baskin Robbins and Sushi Mac.

    The concept was pretty good, you got to dip a basic glazed donut in any number of toppings such as chocolate, nuts, sprinkles, etc. The problem was the product was pretty darn terrible - donuts were flavorless, toppings didn't taste fresh (or even that good).

    The place went out of business after about six months, and has been replaced with some kind of healthy pizza place that I haven't tried yet (anybody, anybody try yet?).

    Oh well, still in search of really good donuts in the SFV....

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      Thanks GK in SO. I googled myself silly trying to find info on this. I'm sorry it's gone, kids would have enjoyed it, but, now I'm at peace ; )