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Sep 11, 2007 12:09 PM

It's my birthday tomorrow...

And I can't decide where to go...Thoughts? Suggestions? It's going to be a low key night (but excellent food) with a friend of mine. We were thinking somewhere like Blackbird or Sepia, but those menus aren't exciting me. Any other ideas? (Only rule is no Greek food; I just got back from Greece and I've had enough lamb and feta for a while.)


- Megan

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  1. What about dinner at Spring and then a walk to the Violet Hour for a Champagne cocktail to celebrate?

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    1. Of course, it's Chicago, so there are lots of possibilities. Good food and low key is a nice combination.

      Spring ( ) and Violet Hour are a good idea.

      North Pond, at the north end of Lincoln Park (the actual park itself), is always nice.

      Sweets and Savories, at the west end of Lincoln Park (the neighborhood called Lincoln Park), has good food and is offbeat.

      Lula, in Logan Square, is another place with good food and relatively low key atmosphere.

      1. What makes an exciting menu for you?

        1. Hey's my birthday tomorrow too!!! I'm headed to NYC and dinner at Babbo. Have a great time, wherever you end up. Virgos rule!!!