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Sep 11, 2007 12:03 PM

Quebec City: Thoughts on Ristorante Il Teatro and lots more, please

I will be in Quebec City for the first time this weekend. We are staying at the Quebec Hilton and have reservations for a small work dinner on Saturday night at Ristorante Il Teatro. I haven't seen anything on Chowhound about this place. Anything I should know or try?

Also, I am looking for a place for a weekday lunch within a cab ride or nice walk from the hotel. Same thing for dinner on Monday night. I have looked over the threads on this site, and have taken away some ideas, but am looking for more than I have seen.
Some impressions on what I have read already:

Vodoo Grill looks kind of cool. I can't open the link to the English menu, but what I can surmise from the French looks good. There were no reviews on Chowhound. Any thoughts?

Pub Saint-Alexandre on St-Jean looks good too, but there weren't any comments about it here.

I am intriuged by a short review I read in the NY Times about L'Ardoise. I would appreciate any more input than the other helpful poster wrote.

Unless there are some places that are not misses, I would prefer a place where the locals tend to go.

I understand that there is a significant North African and Vietnamese population in Quebec. Are there such restaraunts that I should consider?

Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to visiting what appears to be a beautiful city. I will report on my trip when I return.

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  1. if you want real italian go to cafe d'europe they do pasta table side and for lunch or dinner or anytime the graffiti is the best

    1. lots of vietnamese restaurant and most of them are bring your wine so table d'hote for
      2 will cost you a mere 35.00

      1. We had a fabulous dinner of steamed mussels and frites at Cafe du Monde next to the Ferry Terminal. The menu was very diverse with items you don't find on every menu. The place was packed tonight and seemed to have a large 'local' following.

        Our second interesting find was walking thru the farmers market. In the middle of the market is a sausage case with twenty different sausages. We choose the Swiss and they throw it on the grill, warm the bread and top with kraut if you want it. Delicious.

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          I was at the market this weekend as well! Thought about the sausage spot but it was mobbed at the time. The produce, particularly the melons, squash, and blueberries, looked fabulous. Too bad there was no kitchen nearby...