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Sep 11, 2007 11:50 AM

Columbus OH Wedding - Farmhouses?

Can anyone recommend locations for wedding ceremonies/receptions that are near Columbus OH? I would love to hear about beautiful barns or farms that hold events or even if people have been to weddings in orchards or vineyards in the area. Trying for the rustic elegant thing with great food. We are thinking around 175 people. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Did you ever find anything cause i'm looking for the same exact thing?

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    1. re: sutch52002 maybe here?

      there is another place i had heard of but can't think of it at the moment...i'll keep searching

      1. re: sutch52002

        not rustic, but the darby dan farm house in galloway is an incredible event space:

        it's is just jaw-dropping if you are into teddy roosevelt-style hunt trophies and horse racing. otherwise the event service is great too.

        1. re: mrnyc

          Schmidt Hospitality? Is that the same people as the one in German Village (and every fair and festival in the state, it seems?)
          I remember working a wedding in a barn-type setting between London and Columbus. I'll try to dig up that paperwork.

          1. re: Fibber McGee

            no idea. ive been to several events there in the past and couldnt tell you a thing about the food, but the service was always memorably good.

            however, most likely this is indeed the place you worked. its a big estate and rather famous (well, horse racing fans would know it instantly). not to mention the galbreath name 'is' columbus -- he built the onetime world's tallest building (singer in nyc) as well as much of the columbus skyline.