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Sep 11, 2007 11:32 AM

Heading to Savannah and Hilton head

In need of recomendations. No dis-likes or picky eaters here.Coming in 10/6 - 10/15. Staying in Hilton Head but want to see Savannah for a few days. Could you all be so kind as to be our culinary travel guides to these wonderful places? We promise to do the same on your next trip north.
Thanking you all in advance.
2 Old Northerners on a honeymoon

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  1. Wow - you're coming at a great time! Beaufort (which is about 20 miles north of Hilton Head) has it's shrimp festival on the 5th and 5th of October and you can't get better shrimp anywhere in the county. Fabulous food! It's worth a drive to Beaufort even if you don't go to the festival - it's beautiful and historic and a bunch of movies have been filmed there including The Big Chill and the Great Santini. Saltus River Grille is right on the water there and has wonderful food and a beautiful view to boot. Farther down the coast, in the little town of Port Royal (it's about 6 miles south of Beaufort is another wonderful place called Bateaux. Both of these restaurants have fine dining (Saltus River has an entire menu that has only oysters!) and both have web sites that you can examine.

    If you prefer more casual places, on Hilton Head you can go to the Sea Shack - excellent chowder and fried fish and shellfish. Red Fish on Hilton Head is also wonderful, as is the Old Fort Pub (pricey but very nice). In Bluffton, which is the town you'll go through to get on to Hilton Head (if you're driving) there is a great restaurant called Sigler's that has wonderful sea food, chops and which specializes in rotisserie meats. Their chicken is fabulous as is their french onion soup! There are also two lunch places that are good - one is Truffles - which also has a branch in Sea Pines Plantation- and the other is called Walnuts. For Savannah - try Vic's on the River, Lovely! If you like fried chicken - Mrs. Wilkes boarding house is the place to go. I would skip Paula Deen's - just not worth the wait in my opinion.

    For the most part, there isn't a lot of ethnic food down here, although there are several good Italian restaurants on Hilton Head and in Bluffton. I've always like IL Carpaccio in Pineland Station (and right next door is a wonderful french bakery that has incredible lunches and pastries), Da Vino (although the owner is a little wacky) and Mulberry Street Grill in Bluffton.

    Have a wonderful time - you're coming to a beautiful place!

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      I appreciate this, divamon, My husband and I are going to HH for the first time a little later in October, and always are looking for good eats. We will be on the I-95 corridor coming from Florida, if you know of any lunch spots along there, it would be great. Thanks

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        Hi gailBE. I really don't know that corridor at all - I tend to travel north rather than south when I leave home. If you're coming into Bluffton around lunch time though, stop at either the Okatie Ale House or the Bluffton Ale House. They have really good, fresh food for a great price and it's where the locals eat. If you ask anyone around here where to go for fish & chips, that's most likely where they'll direct you. My tip is to get one portion for two people, because it's enormous - 4 pieces of fresh grouper - awesome! Since I don't eat a lot of fried food, I usually get their caesar salad with grilled shrimp. A great bargain at $8.95. The shrimp are fresh and local (delicious) and well cooked and the salad itself is excellent. Both of the restuarants are on HWY 278. One just next to Sun City and the other further down the road in an office park called Sheridan Center. In that same center is a place called Walnuts, which is only open for breakfast and lunch - also really good food. I hope that helps!

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          Thanks Divamon,
          I've made a note. Will let you know what we thought when we return...November.

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        You are a gem, Thank you so very much for sharing your wealth of information. We will look into the shrimp festival first thing. Any recommendations for Savannah?

      3. for Savannah, I would recomment staying away from the 'tourist' trap restaurants if you want a really good meal. Garibaldis is one of my all time favorites as well as The New South Cafe - which is off the beaten path but it is worth it. Still not far from downtown and located on the way to Tybee just 1 block from Victory Drive and Skidaway road. Definately a must stop on a 'culinary' journey!!

        1. Garibaldi's in Savannah is a good bet. DelVecchio's on Hilton Head, too.