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Sep 11, 2007 11:26 AM

bachelorette party dinner location west village or west soho?

My best friend, a recent New York transplant, is back in town this weekend and I'm throwing her a surprise psuedo-bachelorette party. Can someone recommend a fun place to take a group of 6-7 people...vegetarian friendly and resonably priced, preferrably in the west village or west soho...thanks!

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    1. I'm up for most anything...we are having Italian later in the visit, and a steak house is probably not a good idea, but other than that I'm open.

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      1. re: alsand

        Agave could be fun for a bachelorette party...great margaritas and fun atmosphere.

      2. Peep, Salam, EN Japanese Brasserie, Casablanca Tea Room

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        1. In the West Village I'd check out Gobo for delicious (seriously delicious) vegan food. Perilla has some veggie dishes on the menu and it's great. You might also want to consider restaurants in the meat packing district as i suspect that area would lend itself very well to an upscale bachelorette party (no bridal veils wth dolls on them!)

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            Agave is great, had my b-day there. thinking of doing the wedding party there, but concerned it is a little too small for 65 + band. the food is fantastic there.

          2. What about mannahatta, more on the East side, (Bowery), but great tapas and private party. with a really good dj and music/nightclub scene downstairs.