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Sep 11, 2007 11:17 AM

First and Last Tavern-- Hartford area and now Guilford?

Anyone been to any of their locations? It just opened off exit 59 in Guilford and I hear it is in Hartford area too. Looks like maybe a nice casual family option?


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  1. There is also one in Avon, CT and a bakery for First and Last in Hartford (near the restaraunt location). Yeah I think it's decent food...large menu. Paninis are good but I haven't tried too many things off of the menu.
    You should give it a shot and post a review!

    1. I'm a big fan of their Hartford restaurant as are local Hartford friends of mine, but thought I've never been to the Avon outpost but my pals tell me to stay away -- that it's lousy and nothing like the original. In fact, I've been told the Avon owners simply licensed the restaurant name -- there's no connection other than that.

      Not sure what this means about the Guilford place, but there you have it.

      1. This is the web site with views of the place and a little history and the menu. Hope this helps. Earle (

        1. In Guilford it's a nice looking place - bread basket was very good (pannetone, seeded peasant loaf, good foccacia) however pizza was mediocre and salad was nothing special.

          Maybe I should have ordered something else. For pizza i'd rather go to Slice on Rt. 80.

          1. In addition to the original in Hartford, I have been to the Middletown location. Very good food and service. Reasonably priced. Located right downtown near the movie theaters, it is a great place to eat before the movies.