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Sep 11, 2007 11:08 AM

Day of Eating and Drinking

My BFF is coming up for the weekend; Sat. is our designated “Day of Eating and Drinking” Here’s our itinerary so far; please chime in with suggestions! This will be Sat. nite in the LES so we need to be flexible and have some fall backs---I’m thinking Suba, although I’ve never been)

Subway/bus to Red Hook Ball Fields-eat

Subway to Bohemian Beer Gardens-drink

Subway back to Manhattan to visit Trader Joe’s (she wants to see it).

Walk to Momofuko

Walk to Via Emilio (new Italian joint on 1st Ave.)

Walk to Aroma (my favorite wine bar)

Drop in at apartment for rest/change of clothes

Walk to inoteca

Cross street to Sptizers corners

Finish at Rayuela (my new favorite restaurant) for their ceviche bar

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  1. It's really not realistic to take the subway from Manhattan to Redhook and then to Astoria and then back in 1 afternoon. It can certainly be done but it's not really how I'd like to spend an afternoon. You'd be on the subway for close to 3 hours. I'd skip the beer garden. It's fun but the food is nothing special.

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      while in red hook, i'd suggest stopping in for a quick swingle(chocolate dipped key lime pie on a stick) as well...