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Sep 11, 2007 11:07 AM

Need some help in Calgary.

Hello all,
I have taken the advice from this web site and had countless delicious meals. When I was asked to recommend a deli in Calgary where you can get an excellent Montreal smoked meat sandwich I was stumped. So I've come to where I get all my restaurant info in hopes that you guys would have some recommendations.
Thank you in advance

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  1. I had a good Montreal smoked sandwich at a place on 8th ave right across from the Bay,but I stumped for the name of it!! I also like the Metro on McLeod Trail,but its more a resturant then a deli

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      The place on 8th is called (the?) Blue Olive.

      1. re: ToddCostella

        Blue Olive is gone, the place is now called Cabernet but I haven't been there since the changeover, don't know if they still have smoked meat. Blue Olive's was good, and Cafe Metro's is pretty much the way I remember it growing up in Mtl really good (and cheap).

    2. Just tried My Marvins (4th Street and 23 Ave. SW). Great pastrami sandwich. Pickles are amazing as well. You'll find all your deli favorites on the menu. Brisket, chopped liver, etc, There is some connection to this new establishment with the old My Marvins. I am sure some other Chowhounds can shed some light on the details.

      1. I quite like Palace of Eats (11th Street SW) and Myres Deli (Marda Loop) for MSM.

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          I would second Palace of Eats for sure.

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            I love Palace of Eats too - although it's a pretty small place, so it's sometimes better to get take out and go eat in a park somewhere.

            1. re: Jigga

              Park across the street is being redeveloped, unfortunately- it's still going to be a park, but in the mean time, it's fenced off, so no place to eat your PoE goodies. However, PoE does have more seating than it did originally.

              PoE and Myhre's are both very tasty, but they are using machine slicers now, which I'm sure will make some people cringe. I couldn't care less, but that's me.

              I've heard the best MSM in town is Alberta King of Subs in the NW somewhere.

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                Theres an Alberta King of Subs in the NE ( in a little Strip Mall in Temple). Is this the one you're referring too? I've driven by it many a time, but never tried it.

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                    Ab King of Subs is good, but not better than Palace of Eats in my opinion. The Palace is also a really cool little place, full of character - so it gets my all around vote.

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                  I thought that while the meat and decor at the palace of eats was good the bread wasn't tough enough to handle the greasy-ness of the meat and so the bread tended to fall apart. That being said the Palace of Eats horseradish mustard was SO good!

                  I'm still looking for something to compare to Schwartz's.

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