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Sep 11, 2007 11:02 AM

Kosher in Whippany, NJ near Marriott

Is there anything nearby and open - I don't get in to Newark until 9pm - which means by 9:30/10 I'd be in the hotel - what are my options for delivery or dine in in the area. (Oh, and it'll be a Monday night if it matters)

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  1. I don't think there's anything open that late in the metrowest area. You might reach out to the Rabbinical College of America (in Morristown) to see if they have a cafeteria or something similar from which you could get a meal.

    1. Check out - it lists a number of places in Livingston and the oranges with reviews

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        Veggie Heaven in Parsippany, five minutes away, may be open. Hashgacha by the Monsey Vaad. GREAT vegan/kosher Chinese food. The hot and sour soup is to die for.

        Chand Palace, also very nearby (5 minutes) is kosher Indian vegetarian, but with Conservative hashgacha.

        Jonathan's Kosher Deli on Route 10 in Denville is open until 8, and sometimes later, but you may be able to get a delivery to the hotel waiting for you upon your arrival. Hebrew National meats, good pastrami and corned beef. Owner is a nice fella.