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Sep 11, 2007 10:48 AM

Pho 95 (near Gerrard/Broadview)

Hi all,

I went to Pho 95 today for lunch. it's located on Gerrard, about one block past Logan, it's beside Batifole. so far i've been there 3-4 times, and i left satisfied each time. there has been a couple of pho restaurants there in the past which have closed down (pho bo tay, was the last one). i've only tried the soup, but i find it quite good. the pho is much much better than MiMi's. my favorite thing about the pho are the noodles. the noodles are thick, a medium width, and are kind of al-dente. they are very fresh. the broth is also quite good. the portion sizes are good as well. so far i've only ordered their different types of pho (small is $5) and i've liked them all. the avocado shake there is also highly recommended, as they seem to put more avocado in it than the average pho place.

They also have a wide variety of Thai and vegetarian foods there, but I have yet to try them. In the past when I have gone here to eat it wasn't busy and the service was excellent, and there were many people coming to get take out as well.

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  1. They use fresh noodles in their pho? That sounds great because everywhere I go they just use some cheap imported dry stuff.


    1. I tried Pho 95 for lunch yesterday. They are under new management, according to the banner hanging over the entrance to their restaurant.

      The spring rolls and goi cuon were tasty, although for goi cuon, Pho Phuong on Dundas near Brock is my current fave. I tried the bun with lemongrass chicken- no. 95, $6.50, which had a spicy kick to it. The chicken was almost entirely dark meat, which was fine with me since I prefer it, but might be disappointing to other diners who are used to white meat.

      My friends were happy with their pho, and the servings were generous. My friend's husband had the pad thai in addition to his pho. It looked a little on the ketchupy side, but he seemed to like it. Unlike the usual Torontonian chicken and shrimp version, this pad thai included crab stick (surimi) and scallops. But, based on the appearance of the pad thai, I will probably continue to stick to the Vietnamese specialties at this place.

      This place is squeaky clean, and the server was friendly. Overall, I'd rate it a little higher than Mimi. Great place for a quick lunch.

        Sounds like a wonderful place to eat based on your experiences chalengirl. I have never found any decent Pho places that far east. I will definitely try it when I'm in that area next time. Squeaky clean and friendly is a bonus.
        Thanks for the info