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Sep 11, 2007 10:11 AM

Toronto Corporate Holiday Dinners

Anyone ever done one?

Suggestions of great places to have one in the downtown core?

Looking to plan one for 50-60 people.


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    1. re: OnDaGo

      St. Lawrence Hall is a nice venue. The in-house caterer is related to the owner of Biagio which is next door. If you talk nicely you can arrange for the senior management to have a tour of the cellar before.

    2. After being forced to go to way too many traditional corporate Xmas gigs, I am not a fan of the usual sit down meal and after dinner dancing and prize giveaway affairs. So I was thrilled when the company I worked for a couple of years ago did a truly elegant affair at the rooftop bar at the Plaza II (Bloor and Avenue). They did a wonderful assortment of food stations and had various places to either sit down or perch and eat informally. All the while, we watched a gentle snow fall over the lights of the city. Wonderful. The more informal setting lets people sneak out early or show up later without looking obvious.I think there was maybe 80 to 100 people expected. But the room can be divided off for smaller groups.

      1. We held an event recently at Maro down in Liberty Village - great food, people kept commenting on how good it was and how great the staff were. They have a private dining room downstairs that can fit about 50 ppl, but if possible, it's so nice to book out the entire main floor. A little pricey, though, with a 10k buy out. Of course, that gets applied to F&B costs.