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Sep 11, 2007 10:07 AM

Water Works Restaurant

I am an out-of-towner going to a work-related dinner at Water Works (640 Water Works Drive...) tonight. I have searched the boards but did not come up with any info/reviews on this place. What can I expect? Stuffy/pretentious with a great view and poor food? A pleasant surprise? Any "must have" or "avoid like the plague" dishes?


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  1. Water Works where?

    Please, if you are talking about Philly, mention it in the thread title. We have a Water Works complex here in Pittsburgh as well.

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    1. It's view (if you are one of the fortunate to get a seat on the veranda) is exquisite.
      If only the food could match it.
      But I am not saying you should pass it up.
      It's going to be okay -- just don't expect wow.
      Also, the dining area is bright and expansive and appealing to diners.

      1. Loud dining room. More like a high school cafeteria than fine dining. I guarantee that you won't be able to hear the conversation. The food is unoriginal and the service is awful. A family friend waited to order while two servers sat text messaging on their phones in the middle of service. The only good news is it's work-related and you don't have to pay. If you are coming from out of town, please don't judge the Philadelphia restaurant scene by this restaurant-It is not a good example.

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        1. re: Gluuton for Mutton

          Gluuton: thank you for preparing me :-). This seriously does help me to not be so annoyed if/when the bad service occurs. And I definitely will not judge the Philly dining scene by tonight's dinner. I am working here on a long-term project Monday-Thurs every week. I have had many wonderful dinners here and as a Baltimorean I am jealous of the all the gems I've found in this town. I just wish when the entire team went out for a celebratory dinner (as we are tonight) that people would want to go somewhere more relaxed, has great reviews, good for conversation, etc...

          1. re: chrissiedee

            I think you'll find it much more acceptable than you presently think.
            It isn't all that bad!

        2. Must have: the octopus appetizer. It's tender and flavorful.

          1. I ate there just after they opened and had a very good meal. However, when I returned in May, I had a very bad experience. See my post at

            As a result, if you must go for the view, I would suggest just having drinks. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else for dinner.