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Sep 11, 2007 10:03 AM

dinner and hotel stay

For the entire package, which would you recommend? Inn at Little Washington and Inn, Maestro and the Ritz, or cityzen and the Mandarin Oriental - or somewhere else altogether??

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  1. I've had dinner and stayed at all three (athough the Inn was probably more than 2 years ago now). I@LW is an absolute slam dunk on both meal and accomodations. Provided, of course, that you do not require proximity to the city.

    1. I would not go for Maestro right now because they are in transition. I vote for Cityzen and the Mandarin. I think it is a better value than the Inn at little Washington, but they are difficut to compare.

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        I agree. Maestro's chef recently left, so I'd scratch that off. IALW is quite different than CityZen. IALW is over the top country chic, and City Zen is more urban and streamlined. IMHO, both have fantastic food, with City Zen taking the lead right now in terms of cutting edge technique and combinations. I also suspect that IALW will run you more $$, but a nicer room, if you like the country chic thing. I'd choose City Zen, and take the money you save on the room and put it into a couple of spa treatments.

      2. Man, we just did the Cityzen/Mandarin Oriental thing. I could easily move in to the Mandarin Oriental. Service was fabulous, room was great. Room service breakfast was delicious as was lunch at MoZu (their other restaurant) the next day.

        Don't even get me started on their spa. Oh my....I'll just say this: BLISS.

        1. Inn at little washington.

          Cityzen was extremely disappointing from both a food and service standpoint, though the Mandarin is a wonderful hotel.

          1. I haven't been to any of these spots but I have friends that have. If I had my choice (and man are you lucky to have such a desicion to make) I would go with Inn at Little Washington. The reputation alone far outshines most other restaurants in the country let alone the area.

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              That would be my choice if I had it too!