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Sep 11, 2007 10:03 AM

Phx: Basis New American Bistro??

I can't find much info on Basis... Anybody been recently? Do they have a full bar? Any good vegetarian menu items?

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  1. I'm interested in more info, too. Hunt provided a sample menu in an earlier thread, but I'd like to know what their prices are like and if the sample menu is typical of what they serve.

    Much obliged.

    1. We had dinner there last month, I really enjoy and the owner/chef Steve is a great guy. I haven't seen the sample post, but most entrees are in $20-$30 range. Good wine list at all price levels. Ther food is mostly comfort food with a southwest spin, but also french sauce trends. Anything they do with chorizo is awesome.

      They also do a pairing menu once or twice a quarter with a multi course meal and a wine rep promoting their stuff. Usuall runs $75-$100 a head. I highly recommend these.

      Last time we went in for brunch it $20 and the spread was incredible.

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        Thanks for the information. The prices put it in the "special occasion" category for me. Luckily, we have a couple of those coming up soon. :-)

        I really should have included a link in my earlier note. Here 'tis:

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          Do they have a website do you know? I wasn't able to find one.

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            Basis does not have a Web site, which I find interesting. Because of its "neighborhood" feel, and probably patrons, they probably feel that it is not worth the effort or expense.

            I'll be dining there tomorrow evening, and will ask about plans for a site. I'll also pick up their current menu and post it, plus a review of the meal.

            Since they are just over the hill from me, we dine there fairly often, when in town, and have only been disappointed once - seems that it was something like Christmas Eve, with a Hoiday weekend coming up, and they were out of nearly everything - bummer. Other than that one, odd experience, every meal, light to heavy, has been very good with excellent service.

            We enjoy their smallish, eclectic wine list, because it is so well paired with their cuisine. The wine prices are a tad on the high side, but they do almost every offering b-t-g, plus some "sommelier's specials," that are not on the list.

            With wine, a couple of apps, and 2 mains, wife and I usually get by for ~$100. Appetizers are large enough to split, as are most of the mains. Unless one is very hungry, I'd go for an app. and a main (do not know if there is a "plating charge," when you split), and a few glasses of wine.


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Thanks Bill for the info. Looking forward to your review and a glance at the menu.

        2. They don't have a full bar - just beer and wine. But as mentioned, a decent wine selection. I think overpriced, but I think that about most of their offerings these days. Three years ago they were interesting and affordable. Now their still good - the Lobster Burger with sweet potato fries is a staple - but I just don't get dollar for dollar value from them unfortunately. Still recommended, though.

          1. Just got their latest email for the pairing dinners. Subscribe to email at (They are owned by Steve Short and partners who own atlasta, basis, and a couple other things in the past) Pairing dinner info follows:

            Basis is proud to present

            Cambria Winery
            Monday October 15 at 6:30 pm

            Cambria is a private, family owned winery that has carved out a reputation for producing lush, tropical Chardonnay, velvety-textured Pinot Noir and rich, spicy Syrah. We are lucky to have Keith Lennon as our host. Keith is Majestic Fine Wines' (the parent company of Cambria) Training and Education Manager.
            course one
            flat bread
            lobster/ enoki/ white sauce/ spinach/ peach salsa/ mozzarella

            cambria break bench chardonnay 2005
            course two
            grilled salmon
            honey mustard/ butter mushrooms/ tarragon yukon gold potatoes

            cambria katherine's chardonnay 2005

            course three
            southwest duck tacos
            mango/ serrano honey/ sweet corn/ asadero

            cambria tepesquet syrah 2005

            course four
            grilled lamb chops
            goat cheese manicotti/ red chile marinara/ cucumber berry relish

            cambria tepesquet late harvest viognier 2005

            course five
            chef's choice dessert

            75 per person plus 8.1% sales tax and 20% gratuity

            payment is requested at time of reservation, please call early to reserve your table
            basis is located at 410 east thunderbird road
            602 843-3689