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Sep 11, 2007 09:51 AM

New Flavor of Blue Bell

OK, I'm sorry, I realize there are many people who read this board that just can't get Blue Bell ice cream and for that I feel bad. However, I just returned home with a brand new Blue Bell flavor, Southern Blackberry Cobbler. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is fantastic. Not only lots of blackberrys but also CRUST. If you are an ice cream fan and have Blue Bell available (would have to live in the south, it's made in Texas), track some of this bad boy down and buy it.

And, if you haven't had it yet, Blue Bell Key Lime Pie ice cream is also to die for, assuming you're a Key Lime Pie fan.

We live in Amelia Island, FL (NE part of the state, very close to Georgia) and can get Blue Bell not only at Publix but also at Wal-Mart. Now, don't dis me for going into a Wal-Mart. Believe me, if yours has Southern Blackberry Cobbler you better go get some. Put a mask on or something if you don't want to be seen in there.

If you find both, BUY THEM BOTH!!!

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  1. we have Blue Bell in Tampa. I'll have to look for this flavor. My favorites so far are Home made Vanilla, Banana Split, and Birthday cake. In that order ; )

      1. re: chaddick

        I think it is available only some times (was made originally for the turn of the century) but if you see MOO-lenium Crunch, you must try it...

      2. i wish they sold more blue bell in NC. i miss eating my praline 'n' cream. bring back memories of the summer and after school days back in new orleans.

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        1. re: vttp926

          I'm able to get Blue Bell in Harris NC...thank Goodness and the Ice Cream Gods.

          1. re: SweetPhyl

            i wish there was a ht in my town but sadly not. loved ht in my college town. everything so fresh there, really made it worth the price for having some very good fresh ingredients. there are some at the walmart in town. but walmart usually is a stop before stopping by at work. so sadly, i cant leave ice cream in my car in this weather.

        2. Those sound great -- hope they have it in Brunswick.

          1. I like Blue Bell ice cream. I only wish they would make Nutty Coconut again. That's my favorite flavor.

            By the way, does anyone know what the different color bands around the top mean?