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Sep 11, 2007 09:16 AM

Greek Festival in New Rochelle

Holy Trinity Church on Mill Rd. is having their annual Greek Festival (last weekend, and next weekend, Sept. 14, 15, 16). I attended last weekend, and was treated to the best Moussaka of my life. I heard the Pastitsio was even better, but it sold out before I got there. There is souvlaki and gyro (which I did not taste), and there are cheese and spinach pies to be had, as well (which were very yummy). Don't forget the bakery/pastry stand on your way out- I bought some delicious cookies for my nightcap. There are a couple of rides and games, and a large tent with seating and live music, as well as an indoor bazaar, but the real reason I go is the food.

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  1. The food sounds terrific, who caters it?

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      The parishioners make the food in the large professional kitchen behind the church. I think some of them have professional creds. but I wouldn't call it catered. I should divulge that, while I am in no way affiliated with the church or festival, I am close with some of the parishioners, and know for a fact that many of them spend several days cooking around the clock to make trays and trays of food.

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          You're in luck, juwee. The post is from 2007, but the festival is on again this year: