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Sep 11, 2007 09:11 AM

Dessert in Bayside/Whitestone

I'm looking for a place for Dessert - whether it is a cafe or something similar - w/ nice atmosphere - not too bright. My family used to go out for just dessert to celebrate Bdays or whatever. We used to go to Flamingo Cafe on Northern Blvd - although the desserts are tasty - the music is a bit loud at night.

I would feel funny going to a restaurant for just dessert - Any ideas?


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  1. Cascon cheesecake on 149th street. A great bakery that serves coffee and other beverages,

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      there's a pastry place/bakery on bell blvd called elite, i think. it's clean and relatively empty/quiet. i like their mini-cannolis. i always treat myself to one after dinner next door at the korean/chinese restaurant, guh song.