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Sep 11, 2007 08:59 AM

Recs for Fast&Good Eats in Village/SOHO

Visiting NYC for 1 day shopping excursion. Don't really want to spend time at full service rest. for lunch. Looking for a few recs in Village/SOHO/Chelsea area so when we get hungry we can grab a bite. Carts will be fine too. We will be starting day in Chinatown at 8:30am and walking north till it's time to head back to LGA.

All food types are okay.

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  1. I love Lahore at 132 Crosby St just south of Houston (I think Crosby is opposite the Adidas store -- or is it Nike?) --- it's a hole in the wall (the kind of place that you see -- you're curious -- you're tempted -- but you're a little scared..) that serves great Pakistani food and incredible chai tea. I think you get 2 things over rice for $5, and they're really generous with the portions. I've had some sort of dal, some chickpea stuff, some spinach thing..... it's all really nicely spiced, and pretty centrally located (if you can find it). Stop in for some tea, at least, just for the experience

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      This place sounds interesting. Has anyone else tried it?

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        Apparently a lot of taxi drivers frequent this place. No clue whether it's good or bad.

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          The smells wafting out of here drew me in on my way to the Housing Works Bookshop a couple of doors down. Following the lead of a couple of cabbies who'd come in just before me, I ordered a chicken patty. It was more of a large multilayered paratha stuffed with spicy minced chicken than an empanada or West Indian-type patty. It was very rich, very oily. Delicious.

      2. When I need a quick lunch in Chelsea I usually stop by the Chelsea Market at the Thai place. It's cheap and very good. Otherwise J's pizza on 7th Ave (across from Loehman's) also makes pretty good slices. Others have recommended Dirty Bird for fried chicken, but I am not a fan.

        When I'm in the West Village before 6, I usually stop at Myer's of Keswick for one of their fantastic pork pies or a Scotch egg to eat on the go.

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          1. Avoid the san gennaro feast. Grab a saigon banh mi.

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              Grab a slice of pizza at Joe's Pizza. The best slice in the city.