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A Solid Table for 8

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Greets fellow CHs,

Got some friends coming in to the city the first weekend in October, primed and ready for a delicious dinner...the onus of responsibility has fallen upon me to select the venue, and I wanted to source out the palates of the venerable CH society :)

The formal request email from my friend was as follows: "I want to have an amazing meal... Must be slightly veggie friendly (at least one option), top quality service and food. But it doesn't have top be crazy expensive/fancy, etc."

So I don't have any restrictions on cuisine type, but off the charts expensive is not on my hit list. Also, there will be 8 of us, so I suppose smaller restaurants are not realistic either. I'd personally like someplace offering seasonal ingredients and a cool vibe in general--nice service and atmosphere.

All said, it's a pretty open request, but if anyone has a suggestion, it'd be very much appreciated!


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  1. Table would be great for that.

    Danny Meyers restaurants all seem to be great at big parties.

    1. What night are you doing this?
      if it's 8 people...the best way to search this is on opentable.com
      it might be easier to narrow down from that point

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        4 Italian options that can comply with your rquest at reasonable prices.

        1. La Fortuna on UWS at 71st & Columbus (lovely outdoor garden in back would be perfect) http://www.menupages.com/restaurantde...
        2. IL Violino at 67th & Columbus
        3. Crispo in West Village
        4.. Nino's Positano at 2nd Ave. bet. 47 & 48

      2. Perilla Restaurant
        Centro Vinoteca

        for bigger - i noticed openings at:
        Craft Steak
        Porter House
        Osteria Del Circo