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Sep 11, 2007 08:31 AM

Non-touristy dinner near Times Square?

I'm going to a Broadway Show tonight - any recommendations for a good dinner near the Gershwin Theatre/Times Square that isn't a tourist trap?


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  1. Since there are literally hundreds of good to excellent places to eat in that area, it would help if you would provide some specifics. Cuisine preferences? Casual vs. Fancy? Per person budget? And tell us if that figure includes drinks, tax & tip.

    1. I'd recommend the West Bank Cafe, 407 W. 42nd (between 9th & 10th Ave, I believe). It's not at all touristy. The food is consistently good, and you can usually get some interesting wines by the glass. You might want to try a reservation. My husband and I usually eat at the bar. You'll see the occasional celebrity, but it's very low key with pleasant service.

      1. West Bank is a good choice. There is also Le Madeliene (I think I destroyed the spelling).

        1. West Bank Cafe sounds great, thanks! I'll try to make reservations...No cuisine preferences really, $40 per person max, casual...

          1. Marseille -- pure and simple!

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              Inseime on 49th and 7th. From the owners of Hearth.

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                Second Marseille. Also, Roberto Passon for very good (not fantastic) Italian.