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Sep 11, 2007 08:19 AM


I currently live near Dundas/University and am thinking of moving out of the area. However, it's really hard for me to leave all that food behind. The Queen/Carlaw area is one of my possible new neighborhoods and I was just wondering what the food is like around there. Are there any restaurants which are open 24 hrs/very late? Cheap eats? Thanks for your help!

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  1. You'll be within striking distance of Sushi Marche, and Kristapson's salmon shop, Gio's!!, some great brunch spots (is Hello Toast still around? 5 yr's ago I used to go for their hollandaise sauce) and I think I've read of some good bakeries plus a new one opening soon, Chinatown east is just north up to Gerrard, aswell as Kubo Radio - although I haven't been it looks interesting...I'm in the west end now so I'm sure that's just the obvious stuff...

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      Kubo Radio is just ok, nothing great. Hello Toast is still there. But there's a lot to choose from on that strip in Leslieville - Barrio, Pulp Kitchen, Le Cafe Vert. Go east and you have Pomegranate and Vi Vetha Bistro. You're very close to Little India. I believe there is a take-out Cajun place that I've heard good things about.

    2. Other than Baldwin Street, pray, what food at Dundas & Uni are you sorry to leave behind?

      1. Queen and Carlaw is an awesome food neighbourhood.
        Mercury Espresso, Cajun Corner, Sushi Marche, Reliable Fish, The Citizen, The Comrade, Leslieville Cheese Boutique, Organic Produce Store, Joy Bistro, Kubo, Pulp Kitchen, Cafe Vert, Brickworks Bakery (soon), St Johns Bread, F'Coffee, The Wokker, Barrio…

        Hop, skip and a jump to little India, Chinatown East, fast car ride to T & T, No Frills at Carlaw is great.

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          cajun corner already mentioned is open until 10pm i believe... i'm really jealous it's not in my neighbourhood (roughly your current neighbourhood) because that fish is excellent.

          i am not particularly impressed with the leslieville cheese boutique.. they lack the passion that my faves have.

          you'll do well in chinatown east. particularly batifole. but i do enjoy hanoi 3 seasons although it's quite a bit of a different viet vibe.

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            I have to agree about Leslieville cheese boutique lacking in passion. Never quite could put my finger on what was missing in that place - but that is exactly it - passion!!! Much prefer Alex Farms.

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            Nice list, not all are faves but its a pretty good start. I'd also add Lil' Baci, Dark House Espresso, Prohibition, Soma, Burger Shoppe, Bonjour Brioche, etc. Others in the general area (some already mentioned) would include Batifole, Tomi-Kro, Gio's, Mimi Restaurant, Rose Cafe, and many more.

            Speaking of which... please tell me Brick Street Bakery is going to open in 2007!!! Driving me nuts with the wait. :-P

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              Also Okay Okay for breakfast and lunch. Excellent food, but always busy!

            2. I'm not aware of anything 24hr at Carlaw and Queen. There are cheap eat in the neighboring hoods like Little India, Chinatown East, and a number of Fish and Chip places which have been mentioned before. The neighborhood is great, both for food and vibe. You'll appreciate the silence after living in the core. There's even wildlife.

              1. With three of the replies to your post mentioning various restaurants, I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Tomi-Kro. I was there with six others for my wife's birthday and we loved it. In fact, I'm going there tonight!

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                  You can take Barrio off my list....went there for a second time this summer and was disappointed again. Portions are miniscule (they'd be better off giving you a pair of tweezers rather than a knife and fork). While the food is good, the value for money is negligible. Left hungry and went to Dangerous Dans for an Elvis Burger