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Sep 11, 2007 08:05 AM

Has anyone gone to Zzest in Suffern


I'm just checking to see if anyone went to Zzest in Suffern? I might want to try it this weekend.

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  1. Yes & the menu, food, service, & atmosphere were fantastic & I can't wait to go again. I recommend reservations-when I went around 7 pm on a weekend without reservations I was lucky to get the last table in the bar room (not as serene as the dining room).

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      Great, thanks! I live in Mahwah and never heard of this place for some reason. I must say I barely ever go into Suffern to eat - I actually never do. Any other recs for the area?

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        I've been there a number of times and have to say the last few times i've been there have shown a bit of a downgrade in quality. Its still good but i've left not as impressed as I was the first few times i've been there. The pizza's are much heavier then they used to be (lot of cheese and sauce.. not my cup of tea) and the fish has been inconsistent but are very good when done right. The meats seem to consitently deliver and are probably your best bet. Only had pasta once and it was pretty disappointing (wayyy overcooked and too heavily sauced).

    2. I haven't been in several months b/c of it being out of the way for me. If you go will you please post & tell us what you think~ Another place in Suffern people on the board have spoken highly of is Dona Maria's- a Mexican restaurant. I went there once & it was unusually good Mexican food.

      1. Do not go on a weekend, Saturday night is a disaster. During the week or perhaps a
        Sunday when it isn't frenetic. the service can be quite uneven and sometimes, they may forget you are there. the food is decent and it is a fairly nice room for a local restaurant.
        the pizzas can be very good and they have an awesome veal chop

        1. I've heard a couple of people give really good reviews on this place. I don't know if they were there on a weeknight, Saturday, etc. Two people I spoke with about it are somewhat regulars so that may have something to do with it. Anyway, I am new to the Mahwah area and haven't been here yet, but I'll be going soon. Thanks to everyone for the info.


          1. We went there last night with a group of 8, everything was AMAZING! From service, atmosphere, and of course the food. We all decided to get different items that were called on the menu first impression, the calamari and the crab and avocado salad were to die for! There was one dish that was on the special menu that I have never seen myself or anybody else that we dined with it was called a Shrimpsteak, it had bbbq sauce, crispy onions, all wrapped in bacon yum...yum fabulous. The fish special I believe it was called Amy's Cod special (whoever amy is maybe the owner or the wife, nit too sure didn't ask) was like a dish out of a NYC restaurant, complete with a crispy potato, poached egg and lobster sauce it was all so memorable and different. The desserts were also spectacular we found out they change their desserts on a weekly basis to keep with the seasonal changes. Must say fabulous everybody should call and make reservations today, the place however was packed, and we were lucky enough to get a table. P.S you had to hear the ban d everybody was up and dancing at the bar including the bar staff alot of fun we had!!!!!

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              Seems like this place bit the dust. Phone # is disconnected. Seems odd, with the good reviews and a recent Zagat review in June 08. Anyone have the scoop?

              1. re: menton1

                someone told me on friday they changed the name and is now known as "Tuscan Bistro". This is unconfirmed.

                Anyone know what's going on? New Owner?

                I thought the name was a mistake. I spent 20 minutes last year trying to find the number. Who knew the name had Two "Z's" in the beginning?

                1. re: frequentdiner

                  was wondering the same thing... drove by a few weeks ago and the parking lot was empty at 7pm

                  1. re: frequentdiner

                    Liz Johnson just posted on her "Small Bites" blog from Lohud, the restaurant is actually now called" "Tuscan Restaurant"

                    To whomever (whoever?) bought it... Do ya think you could have come up with a name that was more original???

                    The name alone evokes an image of lack of imagination. I hope the food at the new place is more imaginative. Just my opinion

                    1. re: frequentdiner

                      ANOTHER Italian Restaurant. Aaargh. Too bad. Zzest sounded very good.