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Sep 10, 2007 10:57 AM

Daily Candy Boston

This place was featured today in the DailyCandy Boston email...they gave it a glowing "review."

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  1. You are correct that DailyCandy doesnt do "reviews" they are sponsored ads. You will note in any category there is never anything less then wonderful said about anything. At laset Phanton will go as low as an 80 meza meza

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    1. re: hargau

      That's not terribly fair. DailyCandy clearly separates the paid ads ("sponsored emails") from their normal emails, which in no way claim to be reviews, just notifications about products they like (and/or got a press release about).

      1. re: leilacohan

        Who knows if people pay or not, but DC's content is clearly either biased or just fluff for the sake of fluff. Their e-mails read to me as though they were penned by an over excitable cheerleader on a cocaine binge.

      2. re: hargau

        If you read their "about us" section Daily Candy is very clear in what they are about and quality is not part of the mix. It is about what is new and hot and exciting. They look for the type of restaurants that send me running in the other direction and I find it very handy for exactly, that reason.

        It gives me reason to avoid the place until the hype settles and the Chowhounds have blessed it with good comments.

        "DailyCandy, a free daily e-mail newsletter and website, is the insider’s guide to what’s hot, new, and undiscovered — from fashion and style to gadgets and travel. As useful as it is entertaining, it’s like getting an e-mail from your clever, unpredictable, and totally in-the-know best friend. The one who knows about secret beauty treatments, must-have jeans, hot new restaurants — and always shares the scoop."

      3. I just read the Daily Candy entry on KC (

        I'd point out that it studiously avoids discussing whether the cupcakes taste good or bad, focusing instead on the flavors of cupcakes offered and the pedigree of the owner. For better or worse, sounds to me like they haven't actually tried the cupcakes, so I wouldn't call this a "review" at all.

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        1. re: finlero

          We're quickly veering into "food media" territory, here but "her cakes [have] spunk and, frankly, an addictability factor we can’t compare to anything around" and "We couldn’t have done it better ourselves" sound an awful lot like commentary on the quality of the chow to me.

        2. I've been a reader of various DC emails (Boston, NY, SF) since it's inception. In the beginning I found them to be very entertaining and useful. Over the years though I think they've become much more of a PR machine and less of useful source of information. It's too bad this point I delete most of the emails without more than a cursory scan.

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          1. re: heathermb

            I have to agree with this - when they first came out and finally showed up in Boston, I was so excited, but now I'm less than thrilled with the recommendations.

            1. re: heathermb

              I did a little PR writing on the side once. This was years ago, but for one restaurant in LA, Daily Candy lifted several sentences directly from a release that I wrote. I mean, it happens all the time with all sorts of media outlets, but I agree that the the service is more akin to a PR machine than actual reviews. Those restaurant emails generally come out the day a place opens, so there's no way the writer can have an unbiased opinion. And from what I understand, publicists really sell their clients on the Daily Candy hoopla. It's thousands of eyeballs in one quick, unopinionated shot.

              Is it helpful? Sure, for those people who live and die by Daily Candy. If someone only gets their restaurant info in the form of an email vs. searching for it themselves, then they deserve to get a glorified press release. But for everyone else, with all the various message boards (like this one) and blogs out there now, information and buzz gets out earlier and faster than that one email. By the time the Daily Candy newsletter hits my inbox, I already know about the restaurant, who's cooking, what kind of food, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and when it will open weeks before the "news" hits. It's a little outdated as a service. But sometimes I'll find out about a good stationary store from them. That's helpful.