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Sep 11, 2007 07:08 AM

Great Deli In Brooklyn?

We're looking for a nice, homey spot to fete my father-in-law who is turning 75 this November. I believe he grew up in Flatbush near Kings Highway -- it would be great if the site could sort of evoke "The Old Neighborhood." Nothing too pricey though.
Any suggestions?

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  1. It seems a bit kitschy, but the reviews seem consistently good: Mill Basin Kosher Deli ( ).

    1. essex on coney
      1359 Coney Island Ave. (between J & K)
      Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush and Kehila Kashrus

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      1. re: like2nosh

        How about the Crown Deli in Boro Park or Gottlieb's in Williamsburg.

        1. re: jeterfan

          Gottlieb's is dynamite but not exactly a place for feting. :-)

      2. Mill Basin Kosher Deli (
        Jay and Loyd's
        Essex on Coney

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        1. re: frankbooth

          I know that you asked about delis, but you might consider an old style dairy restaurant.

        2. Adelman's on Kings highway and East 19th street -
          about a decade ago the place was refurbished with sports memorabilia but don't be fooled - it is still an old fashioned deli with older waiters and waitresses and plenty of the "old neighborhood" crowd [in fact, it is in the old neighborhood!]. Prices are reasonable. Avoid the early bird crowd if you can.