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Sep 11, 2007 06:42 AM

Rosh Hashana challah in NYC?

Can anybody recommend a good place to get a couple of Rosh Hashana challahs in New York? Manhattan is easier, but I'll take all the suggestions I can get.

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    1. mother's in riverdale

      zabars maybe?

      1. Silver Moon-- plain, raisin or whole wheat.

        1. Any of the Zabar's affiliates have the round challah that they make by the Vinegar Factory.

          1. The Challah at La Bagel on 1st Ave at 16th Street is baked on the premises and the best I've ever had. Don't let the look of the place fool you. While you're there, stop in next door for an outstanding falafel at Murray's. Yum.

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            1. re: foodluvngal

              I went to La Bagel and Murray's on your recommendation - I can't thank you enough! The challah was a real hit at dinner and I had a great lunch. L'shana tovah!

              1. re: Nikki NYC

                You're welcome Nikki and L'shana Tovah to you too. I'll look for you in the 'hood.