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Sep 11, 2007 06:26 AM

Weekend in Miami Beach

Spent 2 nights in South Beach this past weekend. Friday night we had reservations at Talula at 7:30. Found parking almost in front of restaurant. At 7:30 the restaurant was almost empty and we were seated outside in the garden which was lovely. They first brought out a basket of french bread with a delicious spread. I ordered off the Miami Spice menu: I started with a chilled ahi tuna appetizer which was excellent, next course was grilled filet mignon medallions with bacon and aged cheddar smashed potatoes, delicious and for dessert, vanilla bean pana cotta, also delicious; My wife ordered off of the regular menu and had a salad (I forget which) and a pasta dish, fusilli with shrimp, which she loved. Our server was excellent. All and all, Talula's was great.

The next evening we had a 7:30 reservation at Francesco's which based on reviews I was really looking forward to. At 7:40, unable to find the restaurant, we called to say we were a little lost and that we would be late. We finally found restaurant and entered at 8:10 pm, the restaurant was packed and they said that they could not accomodate us. All and all, a frustrating experience. We drove back to Miami Beach, went to Lincoln Road, and were seated fairly quickly at around 8:45 at Spris. Spris was good, nothing extraordinary. We split a eggplant appetizer, very tasty, and a pizza with sausage and red onion. Pizza was good, very tasty toppings but I prefer a crispier crust. Value however at Spris was very good.

As an added and quite unexpected benefit, when in conversation I explained to our hotel staff our frustrating experience with Francesco's, before we checked out on Sunday, the staff delivered to our room a Peruvian lunch made up of a Seafood Soup and a Seafood Salad. They apparently tried to order it from Francesco's but it was closed and I am not sure where they got it but it was very good. The hotel was the new Angler's Boutique Hotel on Washington Avenue and the staff there were incredibly helpful, friendly and accomodating!

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  1. wow, kudos to the hotel!

    Francescos is a pain in the ass to get into these days. I've called a few times to reserve for the same night and been flat out refused. Nothing late, nor early available. I was just told their zagat review was A#1, not to mention all the word of mouth and hype from this site and who knows what other sites? It is worthy of a visit and now you know where it is.

    Spris is what it is...good review.

    Talula sat you outside? I gather they have fans blowing? That courtyard is nice, and big, but it is September. I got to go back because the place is really good.

    Any good lunches?

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      I think that fans may have been running at Talula, didn't notice, but it was a lovely night, very comfortable outside. As far as lunches, we only has 2 (one was the one provided by the Angler's on Sunday), visited Mom in Lake Worth on Saturday and went to a Thai restaurant in Delray, I believe it was called Lemongrass, it was ok nothing great.

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        This may be off topic, but how was the food at Angler's? Did you like the hotel? Thanks.

        1. re: Aimee

          Restaurant has not opened yet at the Hotel; Hotel was great, service was outstanding and rooms were beautiful. I just posted a review on under Miami Beach hotels.

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            Thanks so much - I found your review. I think my husband and I will book the hotel for December - it sounds great.

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