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Sep 11, 2007 06:10 AM

Ciudad Closed. Other Recommendations?

Has anyone heard why Ciudad closed or whether it will reopen elsewhere? We dropped by last weekend for dinner only to find it was no longer open. Guidelive reports the owners of the shopping plaza had a different direction for the center and I guess the restaurant's lease was not renewed.

Any recommendations for a substitute would be appreciated. It was one of our favorite places for special occasions since I am a Mexican/Tex-Mex food fan and also on a more limited budget. Any other upscale, upper mid-range places with a Mexican twist that might be similar?

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  1. Manny's is just around the corner and it's really good.

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    1. re: Shalley

      Fernando's at Midway and NW Hwy. Some of the best Mex/Mex and Tex/Mex in town.

      1. re: J.R.

        I've read good things about Trece and Javiers. I haven't been to either yet.

    2. We just discovered Frida's on Throckmorton at Lemmon. Also, you might like Tradicion on Lemmon near Wycliff. Both have upscale offerings at good prices.

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        +1 Tradicion on Lemmon near Wycliff. Across from Radio Shack (don't park there though!) Ceviche not to be missed.

        I went to Frieda's for lunch last week at 1:30 and I was the only person in there. I really wanted to like this place. Ordered the seafood enchiladas from the lunch specials of the day menu. Inquired what kind of seafood it was -"Tilapia". Ok...I'll be damned if I could find any seafood of any measurable amout in there. Did find a hair in the 2nd to last bite of my lunch. :^(
        Thought about seeing the manager, etc. but by that time I just wanted to get out of there.

        Other than that the play was fine Mrs. Lincoln.

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            Tradicion is very much open I'm happy to report! I just had lunch there today. The food is as good as ever and they now have lunch combos (i.e. brisket tacos, wonderful rice, beans $5.95).

            They also have Happy Hour 4:30-6:30 with $3 'ritas, $2 beer and $1 tacos.

            1. re: Maynerd

              Thanks for the update. I haven't tried it out yet. I actually thought it had closed based on the reply in this thread, so never bothered. However, we passed it last Thursday night, about 6:00 pm, and saw the neon said "Open".
              Unfortunately, the parking lot appeared completely empty.

              Based on your report, I'll have to try and check it out.

        1. Without a doubt go to ALO. The food is spectacular and the prices are very reasonable. I have eaten there twice and no one at the table has had a bad bite yet.

          1. Have not been there, but the relatively new restaurant "Trece" looks like the closest thing to Ciudad, in both cuisine and price...It has received very favorable reviews..Of course I love La Duni, but I really don't think that it a substitute for Cuidad...Check it has a review on it, and mentions a comparison to Ciudad...

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            1. re: jinet12

              I think Trece is extremely overrated. Cafe San Miguel is one of my favorites though I have not been to ALO yet.

              1. re: jinet12

                Trece, early on, received very high marks from many, myself included. Lately, however, the reviews have not been positive. Check out the attached link: