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Sep 11, 2007 06:01 AM

Good ethnic restaurants near Manayunk?

Looking to expand my horizons in and around Manayunk. I'm currently stuck in a rut with regard to ethnic meals. I've been frequenting Chabaa (Thai in Manayunk), Shan Chuan (Chinese/Japanese in East Falls), and Adobe Cafe (Mexican in Roxborough). Don't get me wrong, I like these places, especially Chabaa, but I'm just looking for some new recommendations. Looking for places that are close enough that the food won't be cold when I get home from picking up takeout.

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  1. The only restaurants I like in Manayunk are Chabaa and Le Bus

    1. Try the Peruvian / Korean in Upper Darby when the traffic lightens up ....

      1. The closest place I can think of worth looking into is Aldar in Bala-Cynwyd for Mediterranean fare.

        1. Have you tried Cafe Zesty in Manayunk? Good Greco-Roman food.

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            Yes, I forgot Cafe Zesty. Even closer for you.