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Sep 11, 2007 05:49 AM

Good Tacos on Riverside between Pleasant Valley & HWY 35?

When I fly in to Austin and drive from the airport to downtown, I pass a lot of places on Riverside that look like they have potential for some great steak tacos in this area. Anyone have any recommendation? Where to go or not to go?

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  1. You have a good eye. That area is replete with good tacos. You'll get a lot more detail from searching for MPH's series on Tex-Mex on Austin's Southeast and East Sides, or even "Taco" and "Riverside" on the Austin board, but I'll jump in with a few things. Just past Pleasant Valley on Riverside, you'll find La Regiomontana, El Regio, Janitzio, Rosita's el Pastor, and more. They are all good for various items. Here are a couple of links that describe some of the places better than I could.

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