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Sep 11, 2007 05:42 AM

House of Yum (?) Chang/Myers- opening?

It looked like they were putting finishing touches to Joanne Chang's House of Yum on Washington St this morning. Is it opening this week?

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  1. I don't know. But I should be the first one to notice if it opens. I thought it is just an ordinary Chinese takeout judging from its strange name. Who is Joanne Chang?

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    1. re: sheila

      Here's the description from the job posting on craigslist. Joanne Chang is the owner of Flour. Christopher Myers is an owner of Radius.
      'Come join our new restaurant opening in the South End! A funky new Asian eatery from Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers. No gloppy sauces. No foams, powders or gels. No ancient Chinese secret. Just fresh, bright, addictive chow and a commitment to offering great neighborhood service in a super new space.'

        1. re: jonship

          I can't believe that two such talented & experienced people could come up with that name. Even tongue-in-cheek, it's cringe-inducing.

          1. re: elcaminogirl

            I thought it originally meant to be called 'Rice', which although not too imaginitive, is consistent with 'Flour' and much better in my opinion.

            1. re: jonship

              The current issue of Stuff @ Night says it's going to be named Myers and Chang's

            2. re: elcaminogirl

              What were they thinking? House of Yum sounds like the kind of place you go to at 2 in the morning to get rid of a hangover.

              1. re: hiddenboston

                Maybe I was wrong with 'House of Yum'. I've changed the title above in case. But that is what was posted in their window for a few weeks. Possibly a description and not a name?
                Still, whatever it's called - is it opening?

              2. re: elcaminogirl

                Radius having jumped the shark a few years back and personally I have never been particularly impressed by Flour, House of Yum will probably not be high on my list.

                1. re: elcaminogirl

                  LOL. That was my exact thought when I drove by it. Sounds more like some lame-o chinese restaurant in the boonies :-)

                  In Improper Bostonian, the name was mentioned as Myers&Chang which also sounds uninventive. Why would you even think it's an asian restaurant w/ that kind of name? ;-)
                  Myers also looks like Chang's much older "uncle" in that photo, if you know what I mean ;-)

                  1. re: Spike

                    Come to think of it, I actually like the name House of Yum better than Myers & Chang. House of Yum sounds like the kind of place you'd go if you had a fairly rough night; Myers & Chang sounds like a place you'd need to contact if you had a REALLY rough night. :-D

                2. re: jonship

                  They are married, too, if I recall.

              3. It will definitely be called Myers+Chang, though I wonder why Myers' name came first.

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                  1. re: Alcachofa

                    Alcahofa that was funny but true!

                1. Why all the hate for House of Yum? That's my house!

                  1. According to another post the answer is Monday (September 17th).

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                    1. re: jonship

                      I peeked in the window this morning- it looks good! It actually looks like a diner, which is kind of neat.

                    2. Just read about this place in "Stuff @ night":

                      "...fiances Christopher Myers and Joanne Chang have the right idea, pooling their respective skills to open Myers + Chang (1144 Washington street, Boston, 617.532.5200). Myers, co-owner of Radius, Via Matta, and Great Bay, and Chang, owner of two uber-sweet Flour bakeries, are planning a low-lit, funky Chinese diner, scheduled for a mid-September opening in the South End. The price point will be low to moderate for the eatery's 'fresh, bright, addictive' Asian-inspired dishes; sample menu items include Mama Chang's pork-and-chive dumplings, lemony shrimp potstickers, and Thai ginger-chicken salad, while the bar will feature libations with an Eastern feel, including a lychee-and-Champagne cocktail and Chinese sangria."

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                      1. re: gator14

                        I went last night, it was delicious! Joanne is super sweet!

                        Lucky its so close by, and its very resonably priced~!

                          1. re: bear

                            We had an EXCELLENT meal there Sat night. 4 of us got there just a little after 6 and we were seated immediately.
                            We had the following:
                            2 orders of the scallion pancakes
                            1 order of the lemony shrimp dumplings
                            2 orders of the dan dan noodles
                            1 order of the chicken lettuce wraps
                            1 order of the beef & broccoli chow fun

                            Everything was really tasty and fresh....I esp liked the dan dan noodles (which is why we added another order..) The scallion pancakes were deep fried morsels of goodness...Beef and broccoli chow fun was really flavorful and the chicken lettuce wraps came with chunks of white meat chicken slathered in hoisin sauce w/water chestnuts --all really good.
                            Service was excellent....we had 2 glasses of wine and 2 beers --I believe the total was somewhere just under $100 for not cheap...and no leftovers...portions are fairly tiny...but, delicious.