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Sep 11, 2007 05:20 AM

Dessert at Wynn?

Could you make a suggestion for a place at the Wynn to just have dessert after a show? Thank you!

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  1. What time will it be, approximately? Because after a late show, your options are going to be extremely limited. Early show, more choices.

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    1. re: Debbie W

      I expect it will be the 7PM show. My husband and a colleague will are in Las Vegas for a meeting. They have one night off and I insisted that they see LOVE. The chowhounds said they should have dinner at Bouchon (which they will). I want them to check out the Wynn after the show. So Sugar and Ice sounds great for them and then they can go to Chocolat and bring something home for me. Thank you for your suggestions. I so appreciate everyone sharing their thoughts.

    2. You might want to check if Chocolat is still open by the time your show is over. The earl gray truffles are good but their "Desír" is absolutely delicious! See the photo!

      The only thing is... they are more of a "to-go" place. You can always take it to go and enjoy it at Sugar and Ice. There is a cute waterfall patio area also. Sugar and Ice has nice gelatos/sorbets and drinks... I believe they also service sandwiches/salads/desserts also.

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        Here is a picture of their lemon sorbet gelato/green apple sorbet...

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          yeah, Sugar & Ice has some great gelato, though I don't know how late they're open. They have plenty of seating and it's not too expensive (you order at the counter and sit down with your ice cream / sandwich / whatever)