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Sep 11, 2007 05:05 AM

Charlotte University Center - Veggie Friendly

Chowhounds helped me two years ago when I was heading to a bi-annual week long bridge tournament in Charlotte. I am returning next month and looking to find some good vegetarian friendly restaurants/markets. Transportation and time is not an issue and are willing to drive for a good healthy dinner/buffet/take-out.

Whenever I travel to a larger city I try to find the nearest Whole Foods..it is a great place to stop for a light healthy breakfast and get a take-out salad for lunch. Was shocked to learn there are no Whole Foods in Charlotte (and several in the Triangle)?!? Any local markets that might offer a similar breakfast/lunch buffet?

Udipi Indian Restaurant is right across the street from our hotel and was a great suggestion two years ago...will definitely have dinner there at least one night.

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  1. If you truly don't mind a drive, Earth Fare has opened a new store in the SouthPark area. Earth Fare is an Asheville-based healthful-focus supermarket, very similar to Whole Foods. (In fact, with the WH-Wild Oats deal, they are claiming to be the second largest healthful supermarket chain in the country. I haven't confirmed the veracity of that claim, but that gives you the general idea of what they are.) The new store has a nice eat-in area and several hot-food bars, including an Asian one.

    1. I used to live right by UNCC. Unfortunately, it's the most restaurant-challenged area of the city. Not sure why. Udipi is a standout and my parents swear by another Indian place across Harris Blvd. from the Hilton. Other than that, it's all chains. If you get the opportunity to travel to uptown, you won't be disappointed. Charlotte is really turning into a CH destination. We've got Johnson and Wales students running amok. Lots of ethnic restaurants, some Thai gems. Lots of good options. Compared to how things were when we move down here a decade ago? Night and day.