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Sep 11, 2007 01:25 AM

Best sourdough bread in Los Angeles?

The discussion on French bread got me thinking about good sourdough bread in LA. Any good recommendations? I can't spell it for the life of me, but in the Bay Area, there used (still?) to be a company called Labaru (I'm probably really butchering the name) that had the best sourdough bread. It had a "stick" to the crunch when you bit into the dark crust...not sticky like honey, but sticky in a crunch way (if that makes any sense). I'm looking for that type of sourdough bread. Dark crust, fresh rolls, has a nice, crisp finish when the loaf is broken, etc. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I just last weekend had a fabulous whole wheat sourdough boule from Le Pain Quotidean.

    La Brea does a good sourdough.

    I haven't tried much else.

    I dream of getting sourdough delivered from SF.

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    1. re: Diana

      Thanks for the LPQ lead. I've tried LB's before with mixed results, but I'll give them another whirl. I could not agree more about getting sourdough delivered from SF. That would be the ultimate indulgence!

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        The best sourdough is in San Francisco. Just came back and may not eat sourdough again for at least three weeks. For a restaurant I think Daily grill either imports it from the Bay area or has the closest to it. Don't know if they will sell yo a loaf. Never found a bakery that comes close here in Los Angeles. The story is that it has something to do with the weather elements in the Bay area that makes it special.

    2. Has anyone ever been to that bread factory looking place on Avenue 26 in Cypress Park?

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        Bigtums, thanks for the suggestion. I haven't been there. Do you know the name of it?

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          That's the Frisco Baking. Sourdough and French bread baker fixture in LA for many years. Outlet is open to the general public with wholesale prices. They supply the sourdough bread to The Original Pantry and Hamburger Hamlets (garlic bread).

          Corner of 26th Avenue at San Fernando Road--Near the 5 & 110 Freeway

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            you are a demigod in my book.

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              Frisco also supplies the sandwich rolls to Philippe's and to Eastside Italian Deli.

          2. LA and SF sourdoughs are pretty different. Might be a difficult search.

            1. Boudin is a chain bakery/cafe from SF that has a few branches in So Cal. It's excellent, very fresh. In the OC, there's one in South Coast Plaza, and one across the street from it. According to their website, there's one in LAX.

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                And without a ticket you get past the door how at LAX? I'm really interested because I hear at one of the terminals they also carry Molinari sopressata and the only other place I know of that does that is Monte Carlo in Burbank but it's the small round one. I love the way they slice it at Molinari's, as paper thin as proscuitto.

              2. The old Pioneer Bakery in Santa Monica, if you got the bread there as it came out, used to come about as close to San Francisco sour-dough as I've found in LA in 30+ years of looking. I'm guessing that the Bay Area atmospheric conditions and the water might have as much to do with it as anything. I don't remember even seeing their supermaket stuff in a few years.

                LaBrea's ain't bad, nor is the par-baked stuff from TJ's, which I'm guessing might be contracted from L.B. I'm not sure the Cypress park factory actually is still in business. Boudin is OK in a pinch, but even theirs, presumably from a uniform starter, seems to come out different in San Francisco...

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                1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                  I remember seeing it here sometime last year, but cannot seem to find it now. Anybody have any idea who supplies The Pantry with their killer bread?

                  1. re: Pesky_Humans

                    La Brea sourdough might be okay if you could somehow get it right out of the oven. Otherwise, it always tastes as if it's beyond its freshness and flavour peak.
                    I really enjoy the bread they serve in baskets at the Daily Grill (only tried it at the Beverly Connection location) and at Kate Mantilini's. Does anyone know where either place gets their bread?

                    1. re: Wolfgang

                      I got a loaf of La Brea at that nice local market in Burbank, on Magnolia a bit west of Victory. They have a special glass case for it, and it was very fresh. My only problem with it is it's in many ways the best bread I've had that was labelled "sourdough", but it's NOT your classic sourdough at all, being tender of crust and VERY tender of crumb. I love it, but after several sandwiches I'm missing the chewiness I associate with proper sourdough.

                    2. re: Pesky_Humans

                      Original Pantry get's their sourdough from Frisco Baking
                      621 W Avenue 26, Los Angeles - (323) 225-6111

                      You can buy the same 1.5 lb. loaves for less than $2 there. Used to be $1.50 a few years ago.

                      See post above--also sourdough for Hamburger Hamlets garlic bread.