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Sep 10, 2007 10:52 PM

Thalia, Trattoria Trecolori, Roberto Passon or Osteria al Doge

Looks like someone in my party booked some tables at these places...Thalia, Trattoria Trecolori,Roberto Passon or Osteria al Dogeif you had to where would you go???

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  1. Have been to all and in order of preference: Roberto Passon, Trattoria Trecolori, Thalia and then Osteria a Doge (had a bad meal there).

    1. Trecolori is our favorite Italian in the Theater District. We've been there too many times to count and have always been extremely satisfied. In their new location, the food is better than ever, service remains friendly and efficient, and the space has way more attractive decor, as well as more comfortable seating, than the old place.

      We've been to Passon once. I thought the food was very good, and service was o.k., though not quite as on-the-ball as at Trecolori The small space has pleasant decor and fairly close seating. I would not have a problem going back there.

      We've not been to Thalia or Osteria al Doge.

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        We're also fond of both Passon and Trecolori - the food is fine and reasonably priced at both - but inclined in the other direction. While I do think that Trecolori's service is more attentive (although I've had no real problems at Passon), Passon's menu is more interesting, and the dishes are more frequently exceptional than at Trecolori. Either one is a good choice, though.

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          Striver, I don't disagree with regard to the two restaurants' basic menus. However, since the move, I've found that, while Trecolori's basic menu remains homestyle fare, they've been offering some more interesting specials.

      2. Really like Trecolori. It's just good food you want to eat. We originally went with the idea it would be okay pre-theater, pleasantly surprised that it was so good and remains good.

        1. whatever you do, stay far away from Thalia....very far away. Just awful on all fronts.

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          1. re: harrison

            I agree. I haven't been to the others, but I would NOT recommend Thalia.

          2. Thanks for all the help