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Sep 10, 2007 10:17 PM

Via Veneto (Santa Monica) - Worth it?!?

Hey Chowers! Inquiring minds (and stomachs that deserve the best) want to know: Is Via Veneto in Santa Monica worth the $$$ and it's hype?! And if so, what are your course selections? Also, do they really hurry the diners in order to turn tables quickly, or is that an urban legand?!? Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's absolutely worth it! I always order the same thing - spaghetti with scampi and bottarga. It's so good and I don't go often enough to satisfy my craving for it that I've never ordered anything else. It's usually a special, but if it's not just ask for it and they will make it for you. I've never had bad or hurried service.

    1. I think its worth it. Like whatsfordinner, I always order the same thing, procuitto and melon, penne arrabiatta and a side of their grilled spinach. I would stay away from their daily specials, tend to be very over priced.

      1. Thanks for the recommendation whatsfordinner and pricilla2! So far so good!